What is a Scholars journey?

We created a personalized journey builder to engage with candidates, build relationships, and increase brand loyalty, all aiming to improve candidate experience. We track all points of engagement to predict who is at risk of turnover to help teams build a more effective and efficient hiring process.

The basics of a Scholars journey.


Distribute personalized content geared towards a candidate’s role, team, location, etc.


Facilitate personal connections amongst future teammates and mentors. 


Give candidates a top-notch experience: provide visibility into the next steps and expectations to keep them engaged and in the loop.


On the back end, hiring teams can understand what content resonates; allowing them to iterate and optimize future journeys.

Launch journeys in three easy steps.

Develop Journey Templates

Build templates for each new hire or employee persona. After you’ve sketched out your journey, embed videos, include surveys, add resources, and more. 

Create Journey Templates

Build templates for each new hire and employee persona. Share with your team to ensure brand consistency regardless of who is sharing.

Enroll Recipients

Upload recipients to Scholars via CSV or make life easier by leveraging an ATS integration.  Once your recipients are loaded, it’s time to go live!

Enroll in Journeys

Each candidate is enrolled in the journey most relevant to them to ensure maximum engagement.

Predict & Prevent Turnover

Post journey launch, collect and monitor success with our Analytics feature. We’ll help your team understand what content is performing best and which recipients are most at-risk.

Predict & Prevent Turnover

Take action and prevent reneges using industry best practices and strategies that have been proven to work.

Increase your engagement 4x with Scholars journeys.

Real email from Fortune 500 company.

Scholars Journey.

How can your team use Scholars journeys?


Intern program management.


Intern-to-full time conversion. 


Post-offer engagement & keep-warm.


Mentor/mentee relationship & expectations.


Hiring manager insights.


Interview process management.

Start building your Scholars journeys today.