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Landing a Twitch Internship: Insider Tips for Mastering the Application Process

by | Jan 7, 2021 | Internships

Interested in an internship where you can use your love of building technology and passion for creation to drive innovation? Consider applying for the Twitch internship program. Known across the globe for its community-created videos and passion for livestreaming technology, the supportive internship program structure helps Twitch stand out from the competitors.

Landing a Twitch internship means you’ll get to work on passion projects and play an integral role in building new products. Plus, you’ll work alongside top talent in the industry and participate in a team environment alongside leaders and top thinkers in the industry. Read on to discover tips on how to stand out during the application process and get insider knowledge from real-life employees on what it’s like to intern at Twitch.

Twitch Internship Basics

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Twitch is a livestreaming video service offering world-class esports competitions, multiplayer entertainment, art streams, casual gaming, anime marathons, real-life streams, and more in a co-op environment. They offer one of the most engaging internship programs in the industry offering perks — including a stipend — and a work experience that is unrivaled. The platform was acquired by Amazon and is all about live, unpredictable experiences that are created by the community.

Twitch internships take place in four locations in the United States including Salt Lake City, Irvine, San Francisco, and Seattle. There are two internship programs: one for engineering applicants and one for system administration candidates. The engineering program is a summer internship while the system administrator internship is a 6-month program.

There are opportunities for software engineering, software development, data analyst, account manager, product manager, data science, product design, and other technical roles involving Apple iOS and Google Android development. Occasionally, there are also a few sales customer service opportunities for interns.

How To Apply for a Twitch Internship

The application process for a Twitch internship begins on the company’s internship website. There, you’ll choose the program you’re interested in and fill out an online application form. The internship roles are typically posted each year in August and are based on the needs of the company.

Twitch is an equal opportunity employer, so they treat all qualified applicants equally and do not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, veteran status, disability status, sexual orientation, and marital status. The company also considers applicants that have arrest and conviction records.

A hiring manager will review your application and if you are deemed a good fit for the role, you’ll be contacted for a brief phone screening. During this interview, the recruiter will ask basic questions to gauge your knowledge of the industry, your educational background, and any prior relevant work experience.

If you pass the initial screening, you’ll have up to three interviews and need to complete technical skills tests to examine your abilities. The exact interview process depends heavily on the specific role you’re applying to.

For technical roles, you’ll be expected to have a grasp of computer science and software engineering basics relevant to your desired role. Technical tests include a live coding interview with a senior software engineer and all-day interviews where you’ll solve coding problems, answer behavioral questions, and demonstrate your technical design experience.

How To Land a Twitch Internship

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Want insider tips on how to land a Twitch internship, what to expect from the hiring process, and what it’s like to work there? We spoke with Gina Greenwalt, the University Program Manager at Twitch, and her colleague Allison Teoh, an Engineering Manager from the Twitch Notifications team, to find out more.

Read on to find out what they had to say about the structure of the program and how you can stand out during the application process. You can also check out the full interview right here on our podcast, The Internship Show.

At Twitch, there are a few things applicants can do to stand out. Twitch employees value diversity and look for super passionate people who like to build and create things. They prioritize applicants that are passionate about gaming and problem solving as well as those who develop interesting tech and love to learn new things. They like to see candidates that are excited about learning a new language and using technical skills to build designs.

When crafting your resume, include information on the cool stuff you’ve built or your passion projects. This can include things like being a computer science tutor, an IT system supporter, or simply building unique projects on your own time outside the classroom. Choose projects that show your ability to investigate problems and put forth reasonable solutions. A passion for all things Twitch, including participating in TwitchCon, is also a plus.

Twitch recruiters also look for applicants who can take ownership. That means taking credit for both wins and failures and demonstrating a commitment to growth. Reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn and make sure to craft your resume to highlight your passion for the industry. Take the time to demonstrate how your personal interests can serve the goals of Twitch and how your work ethic and curiosity for new projects can drive innovation.

What It’s Like To Intern at Twitch

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Every intern at Twitch works on a capstone project. You’ll work closely with a dedicated mentor to gain industry knowledge and solve real-life problems or build new tech for the company.

The structure of the program is divided into four key elements including a support system, constant feedback, peer connection, and a leadership development curriculum. The support system involves a targeted success team that is individual to interns. Each intern will be assigned a manager, mentor, and advisor. You’ll meet daily, weekly, or biweekly with each support team member to help you navigate the internship process.

Twitch internships also rely heavily on constant feedback. Interns receive progress reports from managers and mentors every 3 or 4 weeks. You’ll learn what you are doing well and what you can do better so you can make the most out of your internship. In addition, interns fill out anonymous surveys on how managers are doing so that the program can be tailored and calibrated to fit the needs of interns.

Peer connection is another key component of Twitch internships. Interns meet once per week with other interns from different departments to share experiences and have fun. Interns also get access to networking events and are connected with interns who were hired full-time to help share knowledge.

Interns will also get access to leadership including top Twitch executives and top thinkers in the industry through fireside chats and other networking events. These events feature no-holds-barred question sessions and exclusive content designed to help interns propel their careers forward.

Build and Create a Career With a Twitch Internship

Twitch internships offer superb learning opportunities in an engineering environment for students who love to build and develop new technology. As an engineering intern at Twitch, you’ll join a global community and supportive team environment where you can hone your technical skills and build the basis for your career.

Interested in other technical internship programs? Check out our blog and podcast where we offer insider information on technical opportunities for students including for Riot Games internships and Nvidia internships.

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