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The Importance of Design for Small Business

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Business

Your website has the power to convey to a potential customer whether or not you know what you’re doing, especially when you’re a small business with no recognizable brand. That’s why a well-designed website is so important. It shows the potential customer that spending time with your company is worth it. 

Researchers from the Missouri University of Science and Technology have found that a person’s eyes take 2.6 seconds to focus on a specific element of a webpage when it loads. This means that each viewer quickly makes up their mind based on what they’ve seen, and a beautifully designed website can heavily influence that opinion.

Your landing page should set the tone for your company and provide important information, making it easy for your audience to understand what products or services your business provides. Make sure your message is clear and consistent throughout your site. The goal should be that after spending one session on your website a visitor could explain your brand to anyone.

You might have a great story to tell, but no one will want to read your “About Us” page or explore your social media posts if you don’t engage your audience right away. But how can you accomplish this?

Cole Sletten, creative director at digital branding agency Ready Set Rocket, said strong visuals do the trick quickly.

“An image can communicate even complex messages quickly, concisely and memorably,” Sletten said. “It’s this same drive for fast consumption that has evolved the internet from its text-centric roots into an image- and increasingly video-centric [medium].”

Crooks added that “stock photography and illustration looks like stock photography and illustration.” To avoid using the same visuals as another company, consider supporting local artists and designers to create unique, innovative designs.

The bottom line is when you’re deciding what your online brand presence should look like, be consistent with your message and never sacrifice your brand.

“The best brands … feel more like real, multifaceted personalities than collections of graphical elements,” he said. “Think about the qualities that are unique to your business and that could attractively represent your brand. Then let those qualities drive your logo and website to your Instagram feed and even your storefront, packaging and customer service.”

About Scholars

Scholars helps companies build engaging candidate experiences at scale. Create personalized journeys for all of your candidates from application through onboarding.

About Scholars

Internships and early-career jobs are unlike any others. They are often accepted months, if not years, in advance of the start date leaving plenty of time for candidates to change their minds and decide to work elsewhere, costing your team time and money.

There are two ways that have been proven to decrease renege rates for any company: keeping candidates engaged by sharing personalized information and helping them make connections with their future teammates. Companies use Scholars to accomplish both of these at scale.