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Six Tactics Used by Expert Recruitment Marketers

by | Aug 25, 2020 | Recruiting, Recruitment Marketing

As with most things, there are similar themes that can be found in successful organizations. When you look specifically at recruitment marketing, it can be almost boiled down to a science. We analyzed 100 of the top recruitment marketing and employer branding teams from across the country and identified six core similarities.

Breaking down their strategies allows the entire process to seem less daunting which is important because getting started is always one of the hardest things to do. 

The strategies range from optimizing career pages, implementing SEO plans, hosting events (or virtual events), and others.

Employer Branding

Make sure you have social media pages specific for careers

More than 90% of current students and recent graduates are looking on social media for jobs. This is their preferred method so being active on various social media platforms is crucial to standing out in front of the audience that you’re looking for.

Write success stories about employees

Getting personal and telling stories of employees at your company makes you feel more relatable. Candidates want to know how someone got the job and, once they did, how they have been successful.

Create videos of your employees

Similar to the written success stories of your employees, video is also an engaging way to portray your company culture and how someone can be themselves once they are working for you.

Send emails from your company name

Sending emails from your company name rather than your personal name will help you stand out in an inbox and ensure that more people open your email.

Include images and videos in your job descriptions

Giving people something to look at other than a bunch of text blocks and bullet points makes your job descriptions more appealing and more likely to be completed by applicants.

Hiring Tactics

Create robust internship and co-op programs

Having students start working at your company while they are still in school is the number one way to build consistent talent pipelines. These students already have knowledge of your business and you’ve gotten to see their production levels in a real work environment. 

Write content about diversity at your company

Ensuring that candidates of all backgrounds is important to building a trusted brand and culture so that everyone feels comfortable applying to work for your company. For example, write a blog post interviewing your Director of Talent Acquisition about the importance of diversity and inclusion at your company.

Create events and build outreach campaigns around them

Create virtual events (or in person when the world is back to “normal”) and promote them to your audience on social media as well as to the candidates in your talent network. There has been increased engagement from applicants when events are hosted virtually and to the previous point and diversity has also increased 48% with virtual events.


Make sure your career site is optimized for Google Jobs

Wherever you host your careers page, whether it be through an ATS or directly on your website, make sure that it is optimized for Google Jobs. This is beneficial for candidates who are searching the web to find similar jobs to what you have posted.

Optimize your job landing pages

Make sure that your landing pages look good on all platforms including mobile devices.

Candidate Nurturing

Candidates can unsubscribe from your campaigns

There is nothing worse than getting a marketing email and not having the option the unsubscribe. Including an unsubscribe link will help you weed out candidates who are no longer interested in your company. 

Send confirmation emails

Let people know that you’ve received their communications. Whether they are applying for one of your jobs or joining your talent network, a lot of candidates will be anxious to know that all of their information went to the right place.

Create an easy sign-up for talent networks and talent communities

A long sign-up process is always a pain so make it easy to join your talent network by only requiring the necessary information for you to be able to communicate with the candidates. You can collect more data from them once they have joined your network.

Send alerts to your talent network

Keep your talent network up to date on your hiring process and where they fit in. If you can personalize these emails that would be ideal. Our research has shown that after 14 days of no contact, candidates start to become less interested in your company.

Create monthly touch-points through email

These monthly emails don’t need to focus specifically on the application or hiring process. You can send general updates about your company, industry, etc.

Constant communication throughout the application process

Candidates want to know where they stand at all times. The more open you can be with them the better even if it’s bad news. Keeping everyone updated constantly throughout the process will also make your life easier as you won’t be receiving constant emails asking for status updates. 


Publish content as well as jobs on social media pages

Keep your social media pages updated with consistent content about your company, available jobs, employee stories and more.

Outline the application process and expectations

Make sure candidates understand the process that they are participating in including timelines, expectations and the different stages of your process.

Post blogs and other candidate resources to keep them engaged

Content, content, content! Keep candidates informed and engaged through blogs, newsletters, resources, and more. The more they see your brand, the more excited they will be about the opportunities you have available.


Allow candidates to choose how often they are contacted by you

We’re living in an age of customization. Some people will want constant feedback and updates and others will want to hear from you less often. Whatever the preference is, let the candidate choose.

Personalize jobs based on skills and interests

Show different jobs to different people in your talent network. Once you’ve collected data on the candidates, you’ll know more about what they can/want to do. 

Auto-reminders about completing applications

Ensure that candidates submit their full applications by sending automated reminders. These can go out every few days and can also be customized based on how far into the application an individual has gotten.

Send non-job content to candidates in your talent network

Personalize the content you send to candidates in your talent pipeline based on their interests. Update them on what’s happening at the company and share industry wide news that will interest them.

Implement a chatbot on your careers site

Add a chatbot to your careers site to allow candidates to receive answers to their questions in real time from a member of your team. You can also automate chatbots so that answers can be generated without the need to manually respond to every message.

Grow your recruitment marketing efforts with Scholars

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About Scholars

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