Retention starts before day 1

Optimize your tech stack with Scholars: the early-career engagement platform

What we do

Transform the tools your candidates and hiring teams use with Scholars: the early-career keep-warm platform. Scholars layers into your existing ATS, CRM, and HRIS to provide a full-service solution in keeping post-offer candidates engaged and excited before day 1. Increasing candidate engagement means reducing reneges and maximizing conversion rates.

Better Serve Young Talent

GenZ talent has disrupted how teams have traditionally thought of hiring. Give GenZ talent what they demand: streamlined communication, relevant content, accessibility, and authentic digital communities. 

Understand Candidate Engagement

Gone are the days of understanding engagement solely based on email clicks or open rates. With Scholars, view journey engagement rate and at-risk recipients to better predict and prevent turnover.  

Make Time for Strategy

Reduce human error, reliance on manual reminders, and busy work. Let Scholars automate and scale your communication plan, while recruiters spend more time on strategy and solution.

Integrate Your Tech Stack

We are not an ATS, HRIS, CRM, sourcing, or email platform. We layer on top of your tech stack to enhance the systems you’re already using.

early career experience, reimagined

Transform early-career candidate experience with a platform built by the candidate, for the candidate. Set clear expectations, consistent communication, and create digital communities to keep early-career talent engaged and informed.

How we’re different

We make communication between employers and candidates smoother so ​that employers can foster community, engagement, and a sense of belonging. 

Our mission rests on three pillars: championing candidates, keeping the ‘human’ in Human Resources, and being visionary thought leaders in the early-career space.

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