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What Is SAP and How To Secure an SAP Internship

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Internships

System Applications Products, or SAP, is an enterprise resource planning software. It was developed in 1972 by a five-person German company, “SAP SE”. SAP rose to be the standard for enterprise resource planning (ERP).

What Is SAP?

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SAP is now the world’s #1 cloud business software company with 200-million users. It creates centralized data management for a company. 

Many businesses use SAP such as hospitals, banks, retailers, and universities. 

SAP has many uses. It manages and integrates different parts of a company. Aspects of the company are financial, logistics, human resources, sensitive data, and job applications. 

Why Is SAP Important?

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Overall, SAP is important because it is an integrated software system. It embeds technology intelligence into business’ applications, processes, and technology. Along that, it centralizes information for all teams in a company to access. 

This technology creates a high level of data security within a corporation. Data security is highly important because of the sensitive data that specific businesses hold.

SAP has partnerships with top tech companies such as Microsoft, Alibaba, and IBM. 

While the company SAP hires employees, SAP roles can be found in other companies as well. Knowing SAP gives an employee a competitive advantage.

What Does the SAP Internship Experience Program Look Like?

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The SAP Internship Experience Program, or SAP IXP, is a paid, full-time internship that ranges from 10-weeks to a full year. It is currently the #1 ranked internship program in the world.

SAP believes that interns are investments. They do year-round hiring for both full-time and part-time interns. They hire currently in college, in between semesters for a summer internship, and post-grad interns.  

The SAP Internship Experience Project gives interns real-world experience in SAP that transfer to careers post-grad.

Interns at SAP work on a variety of tasks such as developing technology and product, and learning from top business executives.

To hear more about interns’ experiences from actual interns, there is more information located on the SAP website. 

Although, SAP internships do not only exist within SAP. Other companies also hire interns specifically to work with SAP. 

SAP Locations

While the main headquarters remains in Germany, SAP locations and internship programs are global. 

There are a few locations that have more internships available than others. These locations are strategically placed in tech-savvy locations. 

There are major locations in the United States in Newtown Square and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Bellevue, Washington. 

Certain continents have SAP Labs that focus specifically on research and development. Those locations are in places like Palo Alto (Silicon Valley), US, Bangalore, India, Vancouver, Canada, and other technologically heavy locations.

The SAP website lists a full list of SAP locations globally. 

Who Should Be a SAP Intern?

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SAP Internships are not strictly for students working in IT or supply chain. SAP specifically wants interns with a variety of diverse experiences and work experience. They specifically have an initiative to hire employees on the Aspergers spectrum. 

They want to take on interns who are willing to take on new skills and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Other specific qualities they look for are innovation, adaptability, and productivity. 

Specific interns positions that they hire:

  • Software engineering  
  • Software development 
  • Software design 
  • Marketing 
  • Communication 
  • Design business development 
  • NS2 Cloud Operations 
  • Cybersecurity 

To get started on your SAP internship or post-grad job search, create a profile, and learn more at learn more about interning at SAP, Scholars has a podcast featuring Christine Archer, the SAP Internship Experience Project Global Lead.

What Does a Career at SAP Look Like?

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A career at SAP is prosperous with the industry continually growing. There are a variety of different careers that are available for recent university student grads. Some positions are project managers, software developer associates, and sales associates. 

A career at SAP is more than working with the software. SAP strives to collaborate with meaningful companies to make the world a better place. 

They began as a five-person startup that wanted to start something new. SAP continues to reinvent the world that it serves. 
To learn more about other internships and entry-level job positions, visit Scholars. There are resources such as podcasts and other blog posts to assist college-students in finding their perfect career path.

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