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Royal Caribbean internship: Royal Caribbean's ship sailing

Landing a Royal Caribbean Internship: Set Sail With These Insider Tips

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Internships

Are you looking for an internship in the hospitality industry that will enable you to work on engaging and complex projects? The Royal Caribbean internship program may be just what you’re looking for. With opportunities for just about every background — from naval architecture to finance and human resources — the summer internship program enables students to get hands-on real-world experience.

Here, you’ll learn about the Royal Caribbean internship programming including when it takes place and how to apply. You’ll find inside tips from company recruiters on how to ace the interview process and what to expect from the program as an intern.

Basics of the Royal Caribbean Internship

Royal Caribbean internship: Ship crews cleaning the windowsRoyal Caribbean Cruises LTD (RCL), offers a 10-week paid summer internship program — also called the summer advantage — for students interested in the hospitality industry. The company is one of the largest cruise companies in the world and owns Celebrity Cruises as well as Silver Seas.

Internship positions range from human resources opportunities to recruiting and business administration. You’ll also find opportunities for social media marketing interns and technical roles in information technology. There are also internship positions for AI and data analytics as well as finance and naval architecture.

The summer advantage program from Royal Caribbean International — formerly known as Royal Caribbean Cruise Line — is geared towards juniors and seniors in college as well as recent college grads. Internships take place at the corporate headquarters in Miami, Florida. Each year around 100 students are selected for the program.

Interns will be immersed in real-life business situations and gain real-world experience in the industry. Perks including learning directly from leadership members at executive spotlight sessions and cruise ship visits to see projects come to life.

The program markets itself as “innovation generating” and “skill-enriching.” Summer interns here will be expected to work hands-on with full-time team members to develop new projects with the goal of furthering the success of the company. The internship is also the perfect opportunity for students to get an inside look at daily work life in the industry and decide if this is the ideal career path.

How To Apply for a Royal Caribbean Internship

Royal Caribbean internship: African-American male looking straight ahead

To apply for a Royal Caribbean internship, start by visiting the company’s college recruiting web page. There, you’ll find a brief breakdown of the program and what you can expect. You’ll also find a list of open opportunities for upcoming internship programs and new jobs. If you’re in the early stages of your internship search, you can also join their talent network to receive job alerts and get updates on job opportunities.

Apply Online

Internship opportunities are posted in August and September, though postings can continue to show up all the way through February. Stay updated and keep checking the job portal and career site to make sure you’re seeing the latest gigs. Joining their talent network is one of the best ways to stay on top of this.

Once you’ve found a gig you’re interested in, you’ll submit an online application. This includes formatting and structuring a persuasive cover letter as well as detailing your work experience and knowledge on your resume. A human resources manager will review your application and if you’re qualified, they’ll reach out to schedule an interview.

Interview Process

The interview process involves an initial short screening interview. During this interview, the hiring manager will assess your skills and knowledge to see if you’re a good fit for the role. If you pass this stage, you’ll complete two additional follow-up interviews. These additional interviews will be with human resources managers and operations coordinators depending on your desired department.

Interviews can be intimidating. Fortunately, Royal Caribbean offers several tips to help you master the process.

Here’s some advice for preparing for your interviews:

  • Dress professionally: Wear a conservative business suit. If you wear jewelry, keep it menial and avoid anything ostentatious.
  • Be on time: Arrive on time to show interviewers that you value your worth as well as their time. Even better, arrive a few minutes early so you aren’t as stressed out or rushed.
  • Bring your resume: Interviewers may want to reference your skills and accomplishments so bring a hard copy of your resume with you. Be sure to follow the resume formatting they prefer.
  • Be engaging and informative: Answer interview questions with quantitative examples. Explain your thought process and how you navigate decision making situations.

Tips for Landing the Gig

Royal Caribbean internship: Young woman smiling and looking straight ahead

Want insider tips on how to apply for and land a Royal Caribbean internship? We’re here to help. On our podcast, we spoke with Chip Turrisi who oversees the university relations and recruiting efforts for Royal Caribbean. You can check out the full podcast below or read on to find out what he had to say about what it’s like to work at Royal Caribbean and what you can do to maximize your chances of success.

Be Persistent and Make Connections

One of the best things you can do is demonstrate consistent interest. Be tactfully persistent by showing up to different events and career fairs. This introduces your name and background to recruiting managers and also shows that you’re passionate about the programs. Reach out at a comfortable cadence — every few weeks or months during recruiting season. Don’t overdo it by emailing every single day or week.

The best way to be actively persistent is to find ways to connect virtually and in-person. Virtual webinars and career fairs are great ways to meet recruiting managers and start making connections. LinkedIn is another powerful tool. It enables you to publicly show your resume and create engaging interactions with hiring managers.

In addition, job boards like Handshake and internship resources and support sites like Scholars are also useful. School career sites are a great way to see open opportunities that are relevant to your major and field of interest. Sites like Scholars can help students connect with hiring managers and also enable you to share your portfolio.

Show Engagement

It’s also beneficial for applicants to show leadership and engagement in past projects. Having previous internship experience or experience in a student organization is not a requirement but definitely a benefit. Hiring managers at Royal Caribbean are looking for experience in leadership roles. They want to see your passion for the industry and how you engage in your community.

If you haven’t been part of a student organization or had an internship, there are still ways to bulk up your application. Join a hackathon, skills challenges, or competitions to get your resume to stand out. You don’t have to win these events, but you should be able to show how you used relevant skills to create a cool project.

What It’s Like To Work at Royal Caribbean

Interns of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

So you’ve landed the gig and now you’re getting ready for your first day as a Royal Caribbean. Or maybe you’re wondering what the day-to-day life as a Royal Caribbean intern is like. Here’s some insider information on the program.

Royal Caribbean is all about building community among interns and full-time employees.  You’ll work on real-life projects and be thrown right into a team where you play a key role. You’ll be able to provide fresh ideas and make a real difference in company success by working on vital projects.

In addition, you’ll get access to events every week or two. These include things like ice cream socials, watching a sports event with other team members, and attending executive speaker series. These events offer value socially, professionally, and personally and are designed to support interns throughout their summer internships.

Perks of working at Royal Caribbean include ship tours where you’ll get access to exclusive areas. This includes a behind-the-scenes look at how various ship protocols function as well as access to where the captain controls the ship. Other fun events for interns include the annual Beer and Brainstorm event where you can offer ideas to leadership. Interns are encouraged to come up with crazy and outrageous ideas as a way to generate innovation and think big.

At Royal Caribbean, the company culture centers on three main traits: friendly, passionate, and committed. The company cares about the guest experience and provides the best vacations in the world. However, they also put the same friendliness and care into their collaborative team efforts.

The focus on collaboration is a direct response to the complex industry and operations the company faces. Essentially, Royal Caribbean runs a floating city of operations with a global workforce of employees that are distributed across 150 countries including other offices and ships in the United States in places like New York. That means oftentimes naval architects work with food and beverage managers, making collaboration and teamwork vital skills to ensure smooth sailing.

As a result, interns are expected to demonstrate a spirit of excellence — whether they’re in finance or shipbuilding. You’re expected to work collaboratively with people in your department, but also with people from a wide range of backgrounds and skills.

Get the Gig at Royal Caribbean

Two females looking at computer monitor

Looking for a high-level internship where you can work collaboratively with others to improve operations in the hospitality industry? A Royal Caribbean internship may be the perfect fit for you. Whether your background is in psychology, engineering, or social science, the company offers summer internships to help you hone your craft and build a successful career.

You’ll spend the summer months working on real-life projects and creating connections with other people in the industry. You’ll get perks like exclusive access to executives as well as cruise ship visits, and professional and personal support during the early stages of your career.

Looking for more internship support? Check out our podcast, The Internship Show, and our blog to find out more about internship opportunities. Plus, you’ll get first-hand insight on how to successfully apply to companies like Royal Caribbean and other big names in the industry.

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