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the investment

Lean teams, limited resources, busy hiring cycles, and thousands of candidates mean hiring teams are expected to do more with less. Let Scholars help: authentic, personalized communication is made simple and straightforward with journeys. Our sophisticated analytics features round out the experience, allowing teams to understand what content resonates best and what candidates may be at-risk. 


the average engagement rate across Scholars platform. We’ll help impact how your candidates are viewing and interacting with your content and when they might be trending towards turnover.

5 hours

the hours saved per week, on average, per recruiter. Reduce the number of hours recruiters spend doing manual work and allow them to focus on building strategies and relationships…all at scale.

6 hours, 38 minutes

GenZ spends an average of nearly 7 hours on their phone. Leverage text message notifications to prompt users back into the platform and promote action. 

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Get your team up and running with Scholars in less than a day’s work. With a dedicated  Customer Success Manager, you’ll have access to support and industry best practices every step of the way. 

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