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Riot Games Internship: Decoding the Application Process

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Internships

Are you thinking about pursuing a career at one of the top gaming firms in the industry? Whether your background is in art, engineering, or something unrelated, Riot Games offers internship programs to help you decide if a career in video game development is right for you.

Here, we’ll show you everything you need to know about Riot Games internship programs. You’ll learn when, where, and how to apply, plus you’ll find tips on navigating the interview process. Best of all, you’ll get first-hand insight from Riot Games internship managers and recruiters on what it’s like to work at the company.

Riot Games Internship Basics

Riot Games internship: Man playing a computer gameIf you like video games and esports, you’ve probably heard of Riot Games. Riot Games is a video game developer famous for games including League of Legends (LoL) and Stonehearth.

They’re headquartered in west Los Angeles and offer internship programs for students interested in computer science, data science, web experience, player experience, and visual design.

For students interested in the visual aspect of video game development, the company’s internship opportunities include positions like character concept art interns and 3D weapons interns for League of Legends. You’ll also find opportunities for product manager, program manager, and production coordinator positions if frameworks and processes are more your thing.

The Riot Games internship is a summer internship that lasts 10 to 12 weeks. To apply, you’ll need to be enrolled in a college, university, or non-degree program. Internships take place at the California headquarters and across the United States including in St. Louis and Seattle. In addition, interns can work in international offices in places like Singapore, Seoul, Sydney, Dublin, Hong Kong, and Berlin.

Riot Games treats interns like full-time employees, offering plenty of perks to draw top talent. Interns receive fair, competitive pay for their positions whether you’re brought on as a senior software engineer, a game designer, or a data scientist intern. Riot Games also offers relocation services and housing support so you can live within walking distance of the offices. In addition, interns get a “play fund” where they receive money to spend on games to improve skills and craft new ideas for the company.

Application Process for a Riot Games Internship

Riot Games internship: Smiling man wearing a headsetIf you want to apply to a Riot Games internship, the first step is to visit the company’s recruiting website. Here, you’ll find more information on the internship program as well as open opportunities. Each program details the qualifications and requirements for applicants so pay close attention to make sure you’re applying for roles suited to your skills.

Open opportunities are posted in the fall, usually around September. Most applications are due by mid-January for the summer internship programs so make sure to get your resume and cover letter ready in time.

If you see more than one role on the website that you’re qualified for, only apply to one. Riot Games automatically considers qualified applicants for similar roles so you don’t have to waste time filling out multiple applications.

Connect With Recruiters

It’s also a good idea to make direct contact with your recruiter before applying. This enables you to make a solid first impression and you’ll be able to ask questions about your suitability for particular roles. There are several ways you can connect with recruiters. First, you can connect with them on LinkedIn or reach out to the relevant department via email.

Second, you can use a tool like Scholars. Students can sign up to create a profile and get in touch with hiring managers at top companies including Riot Games. Best of all, you’ll be matched with other companies and internship opportunities that fit your skillset, making it easier to land the gig of your dreams.

Ace the Interview Process

Riot Games offers handy interview tips on their website, making it easy for students to prepare to navigate the process. Applicants will conduct an initial interview on Google Hangouts with a recruiter. During this time, you’ll share basic information about your work experience, educational background, and skill set.

If all goes well, you’ll complete two more interviews with relevant department managers. They’ll be looking to assess your fit when it comes to company values as well as your knowledge base. If you’re applying for a technical role in software engineering or something similar, you’ll also encounter technical questions assessing your knowledge of tools like Python, Java, and object-oriented programming (OOP).

To ace the interview, Riot Games offers several pieces of advice. First, you’ll often be presented with open-ended questions and they’re looking for how well you explain your thought processes and actions. Use these questions to walk the interviewer through your thinking and demonstrate how you react when problems or challenges arise.

Second, it’s important to be prepared. They recommend using a microphone and headset so the interviewers can hear you clearly. If your interview involves reviewing your portfolio or whiteboarding, the team uses so make sure you’re familiar with the platform before hopping on the call.

Complete the Assessment

For some roles — especially art, game design, writing, and software engineering — you’ll need to complete a take-home assessment. There aren’t any hard deadlines for the assessment and you can reach out to your recruiter for advice and help when completing it.

The idea here is that recruiters want to see how you take a real-life problem or task and turn it into something beneficial for the company. They’re assessing your soft skills including your decision making and thought processes.

These tests aren’t designed to trick applicants. You’ll be given complete instructions and everything you need to successfully complete the assessment before you benign. Pay close attention to the instructions and ask questions if anything is unclear.

What It’s Like To Intern With Riot Games

Man smiling while playing a game in his computerCurious what it’s like to work as an intern at Riot Games? We’ve got the answers. On our podcast, we spoke with university recruiter Mina Hur and Riot Games internship program manager Matthew Kraus to get more information on what to expect from a Riot Games internship. Check out the full interview at the podcast below or read on to find the highlights of our conversation.

Regardless of the team you’re on, there’s a special relationship between the Rioters — employees are Riot Games — and the new interns. The Riot Games internship program is designed to help students get an inside look at working in video game development, hone relevant skills, and connect with people throughout the industry.

The program begins with a two-day onboarding. It’s essentially a crash course on how Riot Games works and you’ll get a tour and the chance to play games and engage with team members. You’ll have one or two mentors — mid-level and senior-level employees within your craft — that you’ll work with one-on-one on a daily basis.

At Riot Games, the company culture is centered on a collaborative work environment. Interns have a voice just like anyone else at the company and are encouraged to share ideas. Interns are invited to lunch-and-learns as well as social and philanthropic events where they can network. In addition, interns have access to a career development course that enables them to get a better understanding of themselves and of different career paths.

The company focuses heavily on enabling interns to connect with people they admire, senior-level executives, and other interns during the program. The program is designed so that you’ll work with people across disciplines including artists, QA’s, and engineers. In addition, they run Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions so you can get answers to a range of questions from leadership. This structure provides accessibility, helping you to network and set the foundation for a future career.

There’s also plenty of time for fun and socializing for interns. Noms — the company cafeteria — is the largest kitchen in west Los Angeles and one of the best spots to grab a bite and connect with employees from other departments. The Bilgewater Brew is the company’s themed coffee bar where interns can take a break and socialize with colleagues. While interns will do deep work on real-life projects, they’ll also have plenty of opportunities to connect and engage with industry professionals.

Landing a Gig at Riot Games

Close up shot of a man's hand while holding a computer mouseRiot Games is one of the biggest names in the video game industry. Whether you’re looking into becoming a concept artist or an engineering manager, a Riot Games internship may be the right choice for you. Their university programs are designed to help students learn whether the video game industry is right for them and you’ll get unparalleled opportunities to network and develop skills during the internship.

Looking for other internship opportunities? Scholars can help. Check out our blog for tips on finding and landing internship jobs at companies like Riot Games and Activision. In addition, our podcast features interviews with hiring managers including those at Riot Games to help you craft a successful application.

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