Becoming a Master Virtual Recruiter 

The recruiting landscape is changing faster than ever. In this guide we’ll discuss how to master the virtual environment.

Learn about partnerships, virtual event ideas and more!

Navigating University Recruiting: Fall 2020

In this guide you’ll explore all things virtual college recruiting. Learn how to best structure a virtual career fair and view the ROI of virtual university recruiting.

Hint: virtual university recruiting drastically increases diversity in talent pipelines.

The Complete Guide To Internships

This guide will demonstrate the value of interns – and present best practices that will make your internship program a success. In the process, we’ll also establish that this resource guide is different: informative, objective and readable – versus a sales pitch disguised as a “white paper.” We will address and speak to the topic of internships as business imperative. If done correctly, internships have the potential to shape the way your business operates – and significantly improve the performance of your organization; namely in the areas of service, cost and quality.