Tailor each conversation 

to the individual applicant.

Scholars personalizes the recruiting process by creating content workflows for individual candidates. Through trackable links and metrics, you view a snapshot of your most engaged candidates.

Create personalized workflows for each applicant.

Engage candidates throughout the funnel via personalized content.

Measure applicant interest throughout the recruitment journey.

Leverage your existing content (or create new assets) to increase engagement.

Invest time to keep top candidates engaged and set your company apart.

Connect with candidates throughout the pipeline.


Automate the recruiting process.

Scholars automates the candidate experience, creating a direct link between content strategy and your recruiting funnel. When a recruiter moves an applicant to another stage in your ATS, Scholars automatically sends targeted content to increase engagement.


Track Candidate Interest.

Invested candidates learn about your company well before the interview. Scholars embeds unique tracking data with each piece of content, so you know which pieces of content each candidate reads (or re-reads), and which aspects of your company peak their interest. 


Develop an understanding of each candidate.

How well do you really know the candidates you recruit? Scholars seamlessly integrates with your ATS system, allowing you to send targeted material based on their degree, future role, location, and other data.

Top recruiters personalize the candidate journey.