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Preparing for the Future of Work

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Business, Productivity

Determining what the future of work will look like is tough however, there are a few ideas that are believed to be true across a large audience. One of those ideas is that the future of work will revolve around “elite super-workers.” 

A super-worker is someone who has an incredible ability to do one thing really well. For some people, it may be graphic design for others it could be financial modeling. Whatever it is, your day would be spent utilizing that skill to create value for the company or companies you work for.

This specialization and shift in the way we do work will be driven by the continuous automation of work. For example, is already publishing 900+ articles per week on its website with AI and only have one writer on staff. They may be one of the first but this will definitely become more popular as time goes on. So, what can we, as human beings, do about this?

We don’t have much of a choice but to hone in on our skills and become an elite super-worker. As mature as Artificial Intelligence gets, people will always need to be there to make sure the AI is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

Clearly though, if the technology is good enough it doesn’t require more than one supervisor and we see that to be true with This is somewhat terrifying but it’s the reality and recognizing it now will play to everyone’s advantage.

So, think to yourself. Do you have a super-power or are all of your skills easily replaceable by AI? It’s okay if you can’t think of anything right away but don’t wait any longer. Start developing skills today that will carry you through the rest of your career. 

Our vision at scholars is to help young people find their skills to better fit into the future of work. Whether you’re a student or a business, if you want to be a part of making that happen – let us know!

About Scholars

Scholars helps companies build engaging candidate experiences at scale. Create personalized journeys for all of your candidates from application through onboarding.

About Scholars

Internships and early-career jobs are unlike any others. They are often accepted months, if not years, in advance of the start date leaving plenty of time for candidates to change their minds and decide to work elsewhere, costing your team time and money.

There are two ways that have been proven to decrease renege rates for any company: keeping candidates engaged by sharing personalized information and helping them make connections with their future teammates. Companies use Scholars to accomplish both of these at scale.