Grow Your Employer Brand Through Podcasts

More than 65 percent of Gen Z job seekers use podcasts to learn new information while they’re on the go. Tell your company’s story in an audio format to keep your talent pipeline engaged wherever they are.
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Tell us about yourself and the company you represent

Prior to the show we’ll set aside time to get to know each other. We want to learn more about you and your company so that we can tailor the podcast episode to your specific use case.

Highlight everything early talent should know about your company

Bring up to two people from your company on The Internship Show to talk about your early-talent programs, company culture, and anything else a Gen Z job seeker should know about your company. 

Share the episode with your network

Once the show is recorded we will edit and publish it on all podcast streaming channels. We will promote the episode across all of the Scholars and brands and give you the files to share the episode how you best see fit as well.

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