Paychex, Inc. is a recognized leader in the payroll and human resource industry, serving approximately 605,000 businesses nationwide. Paychex offers an ever-growing variety of payroll and human resource products and services that help clients do what they do best — run their business. From calculating payroll and filing tax payments to administering retirement plans and workers’ compensation, Paychex gives its clients relief from administrative hassles so they can focus on the bottom line.

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Internship programs are an excellent way for students to connect learning objectives from the classroom to a practical environment. With an internship at Paychex, students are empowered to be collaborative with employees, be responsible for contributing to meaningful yet challenging work, and be curious as they expand their professional network. 

The Paychex Guide to Acing Your First Job Interview

The Paychex Guide to Acing Your First Job Interview

As we think about our mission of being an essential provider of HR, Paryoll, and Benefits, we strive to take the complexity out of the day to day for our clients and make it simple. We do the same for our job seekers and employees. We want to give you the tools and...

How to Bridge Your College Experience and Your Career

How to Bridge Your College Experience and Your Career

Presented by A common question we often ask ourselves in college is “how will any of the things I am learning apply to the real world?” At the time, it may seem as though the endless tests and papers couldn’t possibly help us to succeed later on in our professional...

Company Culture at Paychex & How to Make the Most of It

Company Culture at Paychex & How to Make the Most of It

Presented by When searching for your first job, it is important to find a company that embodies a strong set of values, goals, and an overall attitude similar to yours. For Paychex, an award-winning service and integrated HR and payroll technology company, their...

How to Network with a Paychex Employee

How to Network with a Paychex Employee

Presented By Interested in kicking off a career in human resources, sales, product development, information technology, or customer service? Paychex is an award-winning service and integrated HR and payroll technology company — and they are always looking for fresh...

Paychex’s Diversity Initiatives


Paychex is dedicated to fostering a culture of intentional Inclusion and Diversity (I&D). This lies within our strong sense of belonging and opportunity for all, unique employee benefits, and inclusive work environments. 

Through embracing individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, self-expression, unique capabilities, and talents, we deliver first-class service with agility and innovative solutions. 

Our valued employees and commitment to I&D is the essence of our internal and external success. Inclusivity is a key value of our corporate culture and is exemplified through our reputation as a top employer for employee development, diversity, and ethics, as well as a laser focus on fairness in recruitment, selection, and decision making.

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Help solve today’s complex HR issues alongside a team of Product Development and Information Technology (PDIT) professionals.

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Learn about the products and services driving HR innovation while working with our competitive team of sales professionals.

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Join our team of customer service professionals to learn how Paychex helps simplify the complexities of running a business for leaders across the country.

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