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Company Culture at Paychex & How to Make the Most of It

by | Feb 4, 2021 | Culture, Paychex

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When searching for your first job, it is important to find a company that embodies a strong set of values, goals, and an overall attitude similar to yours. For Paychex, an award-winning service and integrated HR and payroll technology company, their company culture is everything — it is the glue that connects every employee to their work and to the community. 

Paychex recognizes that at work, employees must feel safe, motivated, and encouraged in order to work diligently.  Whether it’s creating a work-life balance, enjoying employee benefits, or career development opportunities — Paychex has something for everyone. 

Paychex operates under six core values: 

  1. We act with uncompromising integrity
  2. We provide outstanding service and build trusted relationships
  3. We drive innovation in our products and services and continually improve our processes
  4. We work in partnership and support each other
  5. We are personally accountable and deliver on our commitments
  6. We treat each other with respect and dignity 

If you’re Interested in starting your career at a company that truly values its culture, you’ve come to the right place! Follow along and learn about the company resources available that make Paychex the unique and successful company that it is today. 

Company Resources 

As a company, Paychex firmly believes that in order to cultivate an environment that allows their employees to grow professionally, there must be resources available that are dedicated to the essential elements of employee well-being. 

To start, all Paychex employees are welcome and encouraged to attend a Virtual Employee Culture Orientation (VECO) to connect with company values and culture concepts. VECO is a great way for new employees to foster an understanding of the company’s core values, as well as a time for more senior employees to reconnect and realign with their values. 

In addition to VECO, Paychex offers a variety of professional courses for all employees through their learning management system. These courses not only help employees gain the tools necessary to further their careers, they also help them to establish a work-life balance — a practice that Paychex employees take very seriously. Their work-life balance practice involves

a comprehensive and competitive benefit package, from health care plans to retirement planning, this program puts employee well-being first —providing employees with the proper resources to prepare for anything life throws at them. 

Transitioning to Work-from-Home

While the current global pandemic has transformed where Paychex employees work, Paychex has done an excellent job making sure that culture remains, even across screens. Since March 2020, Paychex has taken many steps to motivate employees and excite company culture in the virtual environment. 

First, they increased communication to managers and higher ups, giving them the proper tricks and tools to stay connected with their teams at all teams. Additionally, new employees will go through the same, if not a more extensive training virtually through Paychex’s VECO. After this training, employees are more than ready to jump into work. 

While the transition to virtual work has been seemingly smooth, they do not see themselves as a company continuing to only work from home. Paychex is considering safety precautions, state guidelines and, when it is safe to do so, a strategic plan where they will introduce a flexible work environment where employees can work both from home and in-office. 

Even though working from home has shifted the working dynamic in many ways, at Paychex, they believe that the transition to working virtually has helped accelerate connection among teams in many ways — and just as the culture at Paychex going into the pandemic was strong, it continues to be even stronger today.

Career Growth 

At Paychex, building trusted relationships with clients is the end goal. In order to build lasting relationships with clients, Paychex works everyday to develop a strong sense of belonging  and purpose for their own employees by investing time and energy in supporting employee career growth. 

Paychex has an entire department dedicated to the development of their employees. The employee development department provides skill training, cross-functional training and leadership development. 

All employees, regardless of their position, are highly encouraged to move either up or over, if they so choose, as they gain different expertise throughout their career at Paychex. 

A crucial part of growing one’s career at Paychex, is becoming innovative, taking risks, and taking accountability. Innovation is one of the core values at Paychex, and they recognize that without risk – you can’t have innovation. 

As a company, they want their teams to be empowered to identify opportunities as well as present possible solutions. When it comes to failure, they understand that accountability is the landing pad for things that may not go according to plan. 

Paychex has developed a philosophy around failure and that is, “fail early, fail often”, and the result is higher engagement, improved innovation, higher productivity.

Those in leadership positions at Paychex are specifically trained to grow talent and distribute it throughout the organization, regardless of the short-term consequences of creating openings on the current team. At Paychex, they believe that company growth is a direct result of employee growth.

Celebrating Success

Company culture is not always just building a career and striving for success — at Paychex, they also recognize that part of what makes their company’s culture so great is that they know how to celebrate success.

At Paychex, teams are encouraged to find ways to celebrate all of their hard work. Before the pandemic times, this might include office parties, team outings, or gatherings to give back to the community. In the current virtual environment, teams use live WebEx sessions with cameras on to highlight individual and team accomplishments. 

Larger group or company successes are announced through our intranet communications portal, and executives often make personal emails and videos to make note of exciting new wins.

Community – Leading With Inclusion 

Lastly — and most importantly, at Paychex, teamwork, community, and inclusivity are at the core of their company’s culture. The Paychex community always comes first. In order to ensure that team members from all backgrounds are treated equally, Paychex leads with inclusion. Paychex has a strong commitment to integrity, understanding that only through embracing individual differences and fostering a culture of intentional inclusion and diversity, can they provide the best service and innovative solutions. 

When asked to describe company culture and what the office community at Paychex is like, Veronica, a Talent Acquisition Recruiter notes that at Paychex, culture means “holding yourself to a high standard of operating. It’s treating your peers and customers with respect and trying to be a good partner. It is looking at the big picture to understand how all the parts come together and your importance in that. It is acting with integrity, even when it means admitting you are wrong sometimes. Finally, It is pushing the bar from good to great and holding yourself accountable.” 

Fostering a sense of company culture is important in any career that you wish to take — the important thing to remember is that some companies have the infrastructure in place, and the core values that make company culture part of your everyday work experience. At a company like Paychex, through culture, they offer more than just a job — they offer you a career.

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