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Here’s What It’s Like To Apply for and Work in an Oracle Internship

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Internships

For any student looking to enter the growing tech industry, the Oracle internship program is an ideal opportunity. And when we say any student, that’s exactly what we mean. 

This cloud computing company may appeal to computer science and data science students, but you don’t need to be a future software engineer to find a role that’s right for you. Oracle offers internship opportunities in sales, marketing, product development, and more. 

Learn what this company has to offer interns and recent graduates. Plus, find out how to apply and what to expect once you’re there. 

What Is Oracle

Oracle is a tech company that specializes in connecting businesses to the cloud. They work with businesses of all sizes from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. Oracle’s goal is to deliver next-generation technology that improves the quality of work and life for those who use it. 

The company’s products include Oracle cloud infrastructure for compute capacity, storage, networking, analytics, and more. They also offer cloud applications that help companies with enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain and manufacturing (SCM), human capital management (HCM), and other business needs. Plus, the company works with emerging technologies, including blockchain and machine learning. 

Oracle also produces NetSuite, a cloud-based accounting software. As an intern, you could end up working on any of these products depending on the role you apply for.   

What Types of Internships Does Oracle Offer? 

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Oracle’s “Class Of” internship program offers three different tracks for interns. The first track is the Class Of Business Development Consultant program, which supports Oracle’s sales team. This role is focused on prospecting and lead generation. 

The next track is Class Of Cloud Applications Consulting. These interns are on the implementation side — they help clients after the sales team has brought them onboard. 

And the third Oracle internship track is the Class Of Solutions Engineer program, which is the pre-sales side of the business. If a consultant helps a client set up a meeting, and the client wants to know more about a specific product that Oracle offers, the solutions engineer will explain it. The solutions engineer is essentially a subject matter expert who understands the ins and outs of Oracle’s products. This is the role for computer engineering majors. 

This multi-week training program is for recent graduates and soon-to-be college grads. The goal is to train entry-level workers so they can succeed at Oracle long term.

You can learn more about Oracle’s internship program straight from the source — on our podcast, we interview two members of their recruitment team. 

How Do You Apply for an Oracle Internship?

You can browse openings and apply for an internship on Oracle’s Careers page. Applications for their full-time summer internship program open in January. 

You can use the search bar to filter by location. The company is headquartered in Redwood City, CA, but offers internships at most of its campuses across the United States, including in Seattle, Austin, Denver, and beyond. Most roles have been remote since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

How Can You Make Your Application Stand Out?

Oracle internship: woman using a laptop

Before you apply for an Oracle internship, take these extra steps to make your application stand out.

Talk to a Recruiter

If your college has a career fair, check to see if Oracle’s recruiters will be there. If so, stop by, introduce yourself, and ask for some insider tips before you submit your application. You can also look for virtual college recruiting sessions.

The best thing you can do when you talk to an Oracle recruiter is to be yourself. Remember that recruiters are regular people just like you, and be genuine. This will help the recruiter assess whether you’re the right cultural fit for their company, and it’ll help you assess whether the company is the right cultural fit for you. 

Show the recruiter that you’ve done your research. By the end of this article, you’ll be prepared to talk to any Oracle recruiter. 

Adjust Your Resume

Once you’re ready to apply, tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for. It’s common for recent graduates to consider multiple fields — like sales and advertising — but both roles are different, so you’ll need to create two different resumes. Use the job description as your guide and incorporate keywords and skills that you find in that description. 

For example, if you’re applying for a software engineering role, knowing how to use Microsoft Excel probably won’t help you. Instead, highlight your experience with Java, Linux, and MySQL. On the other hand, if you’re applying for a sales role, include experience that demonstrates your interpersonal skills.  

Reach Out to the Recruiter 

After you submit your application for an Oracle internship, don’t be afraid to contact their recruiters. Send a follow-up email, or reach out to a recruiter on LinkedIn. Ask what the next steps are in the application process. 

Oracle’s recruiters talk to students all day long. But if you go above and beyond to show you’re genuinely interested in the company, you’ll stand out. The more interest you show, the more likely it is that you’ll hear back. Send a thank-you note if they give you their time or invite you to an interview. 

What Should You Expect From the Interview Process? 

man talking to a woman

Your initial interview will be with a recruiter. Come up with some talking points that connect your experience to the qualifications the recruiter is looking for. Once again, you can turn to the job description to see what skills the role requires. Think of the internship job description as a cheat sheet for your interview. 

After the recruiter asks you questions about your experience, they’ll turn the floor over to you, and you’ll get a chance to ask your own questions. This part of the interview isn’t optional. Be prepared to ask a lot of questions about the company and the role — it will show that you’re genuinely interested in Oracle.

If you pass the recruiter interview, you’ll move on to an interview with the hiring manager. Ask the recruiter what kinds of questions you should prepare for and whether they have any advice to help you prepare. 

Oracle’s recruiters are generally happy to give you advice. They’re looking for reasons to move you forward in the process.  

What’s It Like To Intern at Oracle

Oracle prides itself on innovation. As you work there, you can expect an ever-changing environment and an opportunity to deep-dive into the tech world. Here’s a closer at the day-to-day experience of working in an Oracle internship.  


Oracle has a work hard, play hard atmosphere. Everyday, you’ll be surrounded by world-class talent and have the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative people in the world. With Oracle’s supportive culture, these great minds are just an instant message away. 

In order to support innovation, Oracle gives all their employees a voice. You’ll be encouraged to pursue your biggest ideas, and you’ll get time to talk to senior managers about those ideas.


Oracle values diversity and inclusion. Their college recruitment team works closely with historically Black colleges and with institutions that serve a large population of Hispanic students. 

But, diversity isn’t only about skin color — Oracle looks for talent from different parts of the country, different socio-economic backgrounds, different genders, different disability statuses, and so on. This company believes that innovation starts with recruiting people from different walks of life and bringing their ideas together under one roof.

Networking Opportunities 

In a company of over 100,000 employees, it can be easy to disappear behind your desk. Oracle ensures that doesn’t happen by providing plenty of networking opportunities. Oracle encourages everyone to find a mentor to help you develop your personal brand, set your career goals, and make your mark.

They offer a variety of employee resource groups that anyone can join, including summer interns. In the wake of COVID-19, the company has also started offering virtual networking programs, including an engagement series for interns and new hires.

Technology for the Future Could Be Your Future

woman smiling

One of the goals of the Oracle internship program is to hire students who not only want to be a part of the future, but want to help build the future from the ground up. This company looks at every candidate individually, with the hope of offering them full-time employment after their internship program. 

When you intern at Oracle, you’ll be able to solve real-world problems in the tech industry. You’ll be empowered to make a difference — because an Oracle Internship isn’t just your first job, it’s your career.  

Learn more about how an internship can launch your career.

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