Long-Form Articles to Highlight Your Company

Create a reliable stream of long-form blog posts to help you attract and nurture relationships with Gen Z job seekers. Share in-depth knowledge about your company and the opportunities you provide.

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Tell us the message that you want job seekers to know

Gen Z job seekers care about more than just a job description and a salary. They want to understand what your company stands for and how they can make an impact on the business. What else do you want a candidate to know?

We’ll produce the content for your review

We’ll craft articles based on the message that you want to share and allow you to review to make sure we hit the nail on the head. We will continue to go back and forth until the perfect article has been created.

Publish and share the posts across multiple channels

Once you sign off on the articles we will share the file with you to post on your career website. We can also publish and share the articles on our blog to give your company additional exposure.

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