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L3Harris Internships: How to Get Hired

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Internships, L3Harris

Throughout these four years of bliss and stress in college, you are expected to do a lot from game days to 8 AMs. Between the balance of all that, you are also expected to build your resume, gain experience, and make connections for your upcoming professional life. For anyone, that can be a lot to handle. The solution? Internships!

Internships not only allow you to grow your network and add to your resume, they also help you learn more about your potential career field. If you are looking to work in technology, an L3Harris internship might be perfect for you.

We made it simple to learn everything you need to know when it comes to the application process and what L3Harris is looking for in an intern candidate. Read this guide to learn more!

Get to know L3Harris Technologies

With over 130 locations across the world, L3Harris is a large, global aerospace and defence technology company. They work across all domains with land, air, space, and sea. Based out of Melbourne, Florida, with 50,000 employees, L3Harris is the sixth largest defense contractor in the world with customers across 95 countries.

Offering internships in the spring and fall, they strive towards supporting academic excellence with a life of learning. Open internship opportunities can be found on their website and their Linkedin. Internships are offered across many locations including Salt Lake City and San Leandro. Due to COVID-19, L3Harris was able to switch their spring interns online with essentially no change and they plan on doing that again for the upcoming fall 2020 interns as well. 

Despite the company’s young age, being founded just over a year ago through a merger of L3 Technologies and Harris Corporation, they offer programs tailored specifically for interns, co-ops, and new grads.

Evan Wong, a senior manager of university relations strategy and operations for L3Harris, joined us on The Internship Show to discuss their upcoming fall internship program. A graduate of San Diego State and with 10 years of talent acquisition experience under his belt, Evan was able to let readers in on the tips and tricks of landing an internship.

The application process

As mentioned above, you can find internship openings on L3Harris’s website’s career page or their Linkedin profile. They also host a number of events on college campuses across the country and diversity conferences in order to engage students and really show them what L3Harris is all about. Regardless of COVID-19, they will not be decreasing our hiring numbers in our fall 2020 internship program. 

Whether you are applying in-person or through a screen, the application process is very similar and standar. You will fill out the internship application including your extracurriculars, skills, educational experience, etc. Their goal is to make this application a great experience for all potential interns!

The application process can be competitive, but luckily, we are here to help and inform you on what we are looking for!

What L3Harris is looking for

L3Harris is looking for those who exemplify a ray of skills/experience. They seek out students who are not only highly involved, but show leadership skills and have leadership roles. Aside from involvement in university affiliated clubs, L3Harris is also looking for those who have participated and placed in business and engineer competitions. In addition to that, they are always excited to meet  students who don’t sit back and wait for directions, like Evan said,  “If it is not coming to you, go get it!” 

The company likes someone who has done their research. Have an idea of what industry you would be interested in, and make a direct connection to L3Harris.

Once you make it through the application, interviews are scheduled. With interviews, we highly encourage practicing how you will inform L3Harris on who you are, your goals, and experiences. 

The L3Harris Internship Experience

At L3Harris, you not only work on solving real-life problems, but you also create your own autonomy and seek out your own answers. They want their interns to take charge with directions they are and are not given.

The company treats and evaluates their interns just like their full-time employees. They want interns to feel the same impact and reward L3Harris delivers for their customers, allowing interns to develop professionally and personally. Through their unique and diverse culture, interns are able to get to know many employees from the different departments within the company.

Although the fall internship program might look a little different this year, L3Harris wants all of their interns to walk away with a sense of purpose. They firmly believe their work and takeaways have not changed in the internship program or throughout the company.
Ready to work for L3Harris? Start your application here!

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