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From Anthem Intern to Anthem Associate: Kamryn’s Rasberry-Pitchford’s Anthem Journey

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Internships, Student Life

Anthem, Inc. is one of the world’s largest health benefits companies in the United States. The company is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, and currently serves over 107 million people, with 43 million receiving health plans. One in eight Americans receives coverage through Anthem’s plans!

Kamryn Rasberry-Pitchford began her journey at Anthem, Inc. in May 2020, when she started out as a Sales Intern. She had just graduated from Grambling State University. After her internship wrapped up in January 2021, she was promoted to a full-time employee as an Account Service Coordinator.

Danielle Lowell is the Program Administrator on the University Recruiting & Relations team at Anthem. She has been with Anthem since 2017. She shares her experience working at Anthem and as a member of the University Recruiting and Relations team, along with working directly with interns!

Danielle and Kamryn came on to The Internship Show to share more insights about Kamryn’s’s first-hand experience as an intern with Anthem, and the overall company culture, what a student can expect, what types of work Kamryn did during her internship, and what she learned as her time as an intern!

How to Become an Anthem Intern

Kamryn Rasberry-Pitchford's headshot

Kamryn found the Anthem internship program application on the UNCF website. She frequents that site for resources on scholarships and job openings. She said that it stood out to her as a program that was accessible for minority groups

When Kamryn was working on her application, she was engaged with the recruiting team, keeping up with the process, and asking questions. She said that asking questions seems an obvious thing to do, but it really connects you to people and shows your interest in the internship program. 

After her application was sent, she was worried she would not get an interview. She had doubts since Anthem is a large corporation and this was her first internship. But, her ability to be personable, reach out, and connect with the recruiting team gave her a great advantage!

Anthem’s Company Culture

Kamryn experienced Anthem’s company culture right away. When she applied for the internship, she wanted a position in Las Vegas but noticed the application did not say Las Vegas. She reached out, someone was able to correct it, and they assisted her in the rest of the process.

“They were very helpful and guided me through everything. So straight off the bat, I felt extremely comfortable with everybody and they really supported me” said Kamryn.

Danielle shared that company culture shines through in the internship program. Their culture is grounded in values-driven by their mission of improving lives and communities, simplifying healthcare, and expecting more. When Danielle began at Anthem, she was concerned with the personal elements when transitioning from a small company to a large corporation. 

“When I developed the internship program, I really wanted our interns to experience the feeling of connectedness to our leaders, their peers, and our communities,” said Danielle. 

Kamryn assured that is in fact the case. She said that the program focuses on accountability, commitment, connectedness, and investments in professional development.

What a Student Can Expect from their Anthem Internship

An Anthem internship is set up to expose students to business-specific learning. During the program, interns learn about operating models, and leadership. They attend fireside chats, agile workshops, skill development, and work on role-specific project work. 

Kamryn gave insights into her experiences. During her time as an intern, she worked on a team, trained on products and programs Anthem offered, communicated with clients, and completed sales training and seminars on the company. Her favorite part of the internship was the LinkedIn connections she developed. When there was a speaker, she would connect with them on LinkedIn, allowing for long-term networking opportunities.

Tips to be a Successful Anthem Intern

For Kamryn, she set goals and frequently asked for feedback. As an intern, approach work as every experience is another learning opportunity. Networking with managers and peers, especially those who are outside of your business unit, is a great way to connect with others at Anthem. She found the virtual format to be a struggle at times, but connecting with her managers on a personal and professional level allowed Kamryn to feel more connected in the virtual environment. 

Danielle added that if an intern gets overwhelmed, to reach out to the University Recruiting and Relations team. As an intern, so many things are new, even the corporate environment.

“We’re here for you. That’s our job. And for me personally, I love our interns and I love connecting with them. So making sure they’re successful is important to me,” said Danielle.

To hear the full podcast “From Anthem Intern to Anthem Associate: Kamryn’s Anthem Journey,” listen to it on your favorite podcast streaming service. For more information on Anthem and their internship programs, check out their page on the Scholars website!

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