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Tips and Tricks for Successfully Job Hunting in 2021

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Productivity

We all know that 2020 completely reinvented the process of job hunting and employment as we knew it. The job hunt is beginning to look up for job-seekers because the unemployment rates decreasing

What to Prioritize in a New Job

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The first thing that is important with job searching is to have a strategy. This will make your time more efficient because the job process is highly time-consuming. 

Things to prioritize are what you want from a job. Consider what company, salary, position, and location.


You might have a dream job at a dream company that you’d like to work for. While this company might not be hiring, consider why you like that company? Define those qualities that you want in a company and prioritize and seek out jobs at those companies.

Certain industries are doing “better” in the pandemic and are more likely to be hiring right now. Good companies to look for are t companies, retail management, delivery, and healthcare. 

In February 2021, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported seeing gains within professional and business services, two areas that have seen struggles. 


While sometimes any salary is needed, there has to be a minimum salary to accept. Any job might be nice but you should consider if you can sustain yourself on the income that the potential employer is offering. 


Will this be something you’d be happy with doing long-term? Sometimes a job is a job, but you don’t want to become quickly unhappy and have to do this job search process again. 

Also, having short-term employment can be a red flag on a resume and will be something that future employers will ask about. 

To avoid this issue, make sure that you are carefully scanning the job title, job description, and ask questions to the prospective employer in the job interview for that specific job if there is any confusion on the tasks that you’d be doing if you are accepted for the position.


Location considerations are different now in the pandemic job market. Some places might require you to be fully in person and some are permanently remote. However, many positions are somewhere are in between. Companies usually will list within a job description how their company is handling locations. 

Sometimes Think Temporary in The Pandemic

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Right now, finding a job and the process of the job hunt is daunting and can feel impossible. If finding a full-time job is difficult, consider doing temporary work. 

Temp jobs have always been common. They are great to get experience while in the job search. 

Something that has been increasing is freelance work. This is great, especially for more creative roles. It builds your portfolio while having some income. 

Being a virtual assistant can be a great opportunity right now for temporary work. It can be flexible with locations and can lead to good networking opportunities. 

Lastly, an option to consider is part-time work while searching for full-time work. This may not seem ideal, but it can be supplemented with freelance work if possible and might lead to a full-time job offer there are job openings within the company. 

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LinkedIn is a social media professional networking site. 

It seems like the most obvious one but many people do not fully utilize it to its full ability. Some tools to up your LinkedIn profile game are using the features section to show off your experience. Also, use the advanced search options to find connections. 


JobSeer is an add-on extension to the Chrome browser. A job seeker uploads their resume and it scans for the best jobs on job posting platforms. This saves you time from applying for jobs that are not right for you. 

Along with that, it allows you to gain access to five free emails per day that are attached to job listings so you can reach out to those recruiters and hiring managers.


Scholars is the largest hug for career information for students and recent grads. Browse companies that you are interested in, view job availabilities, and read articles to gain more information in the job search.

Social Media

Social media is highly important in the job search. Not to find jobs on but because you want your online presence to be pristine while applying. This is because 70% of employers use it to screen people and 54% of hiring managers said they eliminated job candidates because of their social media. 

The best way to search the internet for your presence is in incognito mode.

Informational Interviews

One of the best ways to network, especially within a company is by having informational interviews. This gives you an opportunity to connect with someone in the company while gaining great questions. Go into the informational interview with interview questions to ask them. 

Keep Track of Applications

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While applying, use tools like Google Drive, Google Cal, Excel, apps, or write down where you are applying to. 

This is great to keep track of because it is great to follow-up with the hiring manager after sending in an application.

Keep your message short, and show interest and enthusiasm while keeping it professional. A great way to check-in is by asking about the status of your application within 7 to 10 days after sending in your application. 

Learn New Skills

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While you’re on this job hunting journey, continue to improve your skills to gain a competitive aspect as a prospective employee.

The US Chamber of Commerce recommends these free online courses.

  • Coursera
  • Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC)
  • EdX
  • Udemy (some of these courses come with a charge)
  • Microsoft
  • Codeacademy

Another great tool that most college students or recent grads get is LinkedIn Learning. These have a wide variety of courses given by experts. 

Be Wary of Scammers

Right now, scammers are taking advantage of vulnerable groups of people such as unemployed people. If your gut is telling you no, do your research online. Utilize GlassDoor and Reddit for personal experiences. 

Scholars can be a great resource to guide you throughout the process with exclusive access to companies. Read more on our blog and listen to The Internship Show.

Good luck and wishing you a successful job search!

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About Scholars

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