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Interning for the NFL

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Internships

Many Americans tune into the National Football League (NFL) games. Many desire to work in the sports industry and some lucky people get to work for the NFL. The best place to start working for the NFL is as an intern. 

What Do the NFL Internship Programs Look Like?

Close up of the turf at an NFL stadium at the 10 yard line.
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Interning for the NFL can either be directly for the NFL or for one of the 32 NFL teams. There are internships offered year-round, but the most common type is their summer internship programs. 

NFL intern salaries are paid at an hourly rate. The summer internships are full-time and demanding, usually going over 40 hours per week. If an intern is working directly for the NFL, the main location is in New York City. But other interns are scattered across the country, located where the team is located. 

Different Types of NFL Internship Opportunities

A full NFL stadium during game day.
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Within the NFL, there are a variety of different roles available. Knowledge of the sports industry is required, but each specific department requires different skill sets depending on the type of internship. 

  • Accounting
  • Client Services
  • Communications – communications internships are great for many students, because communications is involved with many different majors. Learn more about what communications internships are.
  • Community Relations
  • Finance
  • Football Outreach – this internship is marketing focused but with prior experience in sports management experience, camp activities, and high school football. 
  • Human Resources
  • International
  • IT – learn about what you would be asked in an NFL IT intern interview.
  • Marketing – this involves marketing the various game days, events, training camps, activations, along with doing digital marketing using HTML, content management, and Photoshop skills. 
  • Media
  • Medical
  • NFL Films
  • Public Relations
  • Sales
  • Social Media – read more about the basics of soical media interns, directly from a social media intern. 
  • Stadium Operations
  • Retail Operations

Internship Programs

A wall of NFL footballs, with the NFL logo hanging in the middle.
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General NFL Internship Programs

The General NFL internship programs hire seniors, MBA students, and law school students. A popular program they offer is the Junior Rotational Program. This offers four rotations in a two-year period in different departments and locations. It is a challenging program, but worth it to gain high-level sports industry experience.

NFL Players Association

The NFL Players Association looks for juniors, seniors, or graduate school students. There are opportunities available for those who are recently graduated, within the past year. The application consists of a cover letter, contact information, and the department of choice. This program is within the Washington, D.C. office.

Team Internship Programs

These teams have open internship positions currently. Overall, most teams do host summer internship programs, beginning recruiting in the fall. 

  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Detroit Lions
  • Houston Texans
  • Kansan City Chiefs
  • Los Angeles Rams
  • New York Jets
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Washington Football Team

Qualifications and Skills to Include on Your Resume and Cover Letter

A close up of turf spray painted with the NFL logo.
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Each internship position comes with its own skills. But, all NFL interns should have a common skillset. Keep in mind that NFL internships begin recruiting in the Fall for summer internships. All hires are made before May. 


All interns should be enrolled at a university, or recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree. The minimum age to intern at the NFL is 18. Most internships ask that those applying are at least a junior. They hire juniors, seniors, graduate students, and law students. Most of the NFL internship positions require prior internship experience. All those applying should have at least a 3.0 GPA. 


Each position will require different skills, but general skills to showcase for these internships are detail-oriented, resourceful, knowledge of the NFL and sports, and the ability to be a team member on a team.  Many advise you to let your experiences speak for themselves. 

The best way to show off your skills is by following the application instructions carefully. The positions are highly demanding, so it is important to show your leadership skills and punctuality. 

NFL Interview Process & Questions

The interview process usually involves an intern crafting a pre-recorded video, a phone interview, then a live-video interview. 

Expect to be asked questions such as…

  • Tell me about your college experience.
  • What are general trends in your field?
  • What NFL shows do you watch?
  • What is your knowledge of NFL history? 
  • Why did you choose to apply for the NFL?
  • Why did you choose this department at the NFL?
  • Discuss a failure you’ve had and what you learned from that experience. 
  • What was your biggest letdown, and how did you respond to it?
  • Tell us about a failure and what you learned from that failure.

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