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Tips for a Productive Workday

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Business, Productivity

Wake up Early
You may just want some quiet time for yourself, exercise, read or
maybe do some gardening. Find what is best for you. Not that
everyone is a morning person but even an extra 15 minuets will allow
you take your time and avoid being rushed by something unexpected.
This can set a positive tone for your day.
Eat Healthy and Drink Water
What you eat determines both physical and mental health. For optimal
brainpower choose healthy meals and snacks for more energy and
increased productivity. Drinking water is essential for maintaining
productivity levels. Dehydration can cause headaches, tiredness and
weight gain. As a reminder, keep a water bottle on your desk.
Like your diet, being active is as important for your mental abilities as
it is for your body. Exercise can reduce stress and also increase the
brains ability to form new neuronal connections.
Stand more
If you are feeling sleepy or experiencing some shoulder and back pain,
stand up, stretch and maybe take a short walk.
Spend a few minuets at the beginning of each day to choose the most
important things to finish, no matter what, by the end of the day.
Put Tasks into Groups
Organize like activities and work until they are completed. Once you
have gotten into a rhythm, stay with it and save the time it takes to
find where you left off and to get back into that rhythm. Try working in
90 minuet increments. Do things like answer your emails or do data
entry and reporting tasks in a specific chunk of time.
Establish a Routine for Recurring Tasks
Routine and repetition, while seemingly boring, is actually good for
both mental health and work efficiency. Doing the same thing at the
same time reduces your decision-making effort and enables you to
complete task with speed and accuracy.
Attack the Dreaded Task
If there isn’t enough time to get it all done then there definitely isn’t
any time to waist avoiding a task. Using a ‘five second rule’, count
down 5-4-3-2-1 and get started. This puts you in control and motivates
you to complete the task, which will give you a sense of
accomplishment and the inspiration to do more.
Use Rewards for Motivation
Treat yourself for the completion of a task. Choose a healthy reward
and this practice will help your brain to stay focused while working.
Tapping into your emotions, allowing yourself to feel good about your
accomplishments will increase your productivity.
Use the Power of Optimism
When avoiding an overwhelming task, break it down into steps and
acknowledge each step completed. Being proud of your progress will
create optimism and inspiration to continue. Focus on progress rather
than any setbacks to stay optimistic and productive. On days when you
have been less efficient, forgive your lack of productivity and have
compassion for yourself. Reset with an acceptance of your behavior
and you will find the optimism and willpower to face a new day.

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Scholars helps companies build engaging candidate experiences at scale. Create personalized journeys for all of your candidates from application through onboarding.

About Scholars

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