Data-driven insights to predict early-career turnover.

Engage and retain all of your early-career talent in one place. From incoming interns to full-time new grad hires, Scholars gives you the tools to automate personalized engagement while collecting data to notify you in advance of potential turnover.

See how your peers execute a data-driven retention strategy.

Decrease reneges with this template.

Download this interactive Excel template and model your renege prevention plan after one of the most successful companies in the world.

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Decrease early-career turnover with this toolkit.

This Excel toolkit gives you an inside look at how to successfully plan your retention strategy plus a way to start putting it into action.

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Increase Intern-to-FTE Conversion with this template.

Use this interactive Excel template created by one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. and take your intern-to-FTE conversion strategy to the next level.

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Engaging journeys and turnover predictions for all aspects of early-career.

Decrease reneges from your intern cohort.

Automate personalized engagement for each incoming intern and get notified when they are trending towards reneging.

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Maximize intern-to-FTE conversions.

Predict reneges from former interns. We’ll notify you when to take action and tell you what needs to be done.

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Minimize post-offer, new grad turnover.

Engage with post-grad hires as soon as they accept your offer. We’ll let you know who is trending towards turnover and how to take action.

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Increase early-career employee retention.

From onboarding and beyond, communicate with early-career employees and get notified when they are trending towards leaving the company.

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Scholars Journeys have 5x better engagement than email.

Real email from Fortune 500 company.

Scholars Journey.

What does this mean for your team?


Decrease internship offer reneges.


Increase intern-to-FTE conversions.


Decrease new-grad offer reneges.


Increase early-career employee retention.


Increase productivity for your recruiting team.


Decrease risk by adding predictability.

Start increasing your early-career retention today.