Create a better journey for top talent.

Scholars strengthens engagement between brands and early-career job seekers. Through original research, data-driven content strategy, and individualized workflows, you personalize the recruiting process for top candidates. 

Only 7% of employer brands share content beyond the typical job posting.

This creates a pool of disengaged applicants moving through your recruiting funnel. By the time you’re ready to make an offer, 80% of candidates have already stopped responding to your emails. 

Rethink the candidate pipeline.


Understand what candidates care about, based on ongoing conversations with  20,000+ early-career job seekers.


Receive a unique content strategy, developed to deepen your connection to applicants.


Develop one-to-one workflows for each candidate, targeted by job posting, engagement, and stage in the funnel.


Understand your talent pool, investing time and resources in qualified and engaged applicants.


Get in tune with each applicant.

No, the best offer isn’t the one with the highest salary attached. Early-career job seekers care about access to managers, defining success, and commitment to equity and inclusion. Your top candidates won’t know any of the above unless you start that conversation.


Track conversations outside the interview.

The most engaged candidates are those who want to learn more about your company. Trackable links measure each touchpoint in the recruiting lifecycle, allowing you to dedicate energy and resources to your most invested applicants. 


Streamline the search for candidates.

It’s not just about finding more candidates — it’s about finding the right candidate. Scholars integrates with your existing HR tools to seamlessly deliver personalized content to applicants as they move through the recruitment funnel. 


Scholars has been extremely easy to work with. They get us excited about the content we are sharing with our audience. We are so happy to have teamed up with Scholars for a partnership! 

Mallory Clemons

Lincoln Electric

Change how you communicate with your candidates.