What story will candidates tell about your company?

Recent grads look beyond salary and office perks when launching their career. Scholars gathers real questions from real job applicants, allowing you to engage in a conversation with your talent pipeline.

Candidates typically review 12 pieces of content before deciding to apply to a role.

Applicant interest extends beyond the job description. Candidates care about day-to-day tasks, team interactions, and how this role will help jump start their career. We collect questions from real applicants who want to know:

Rethink how you nurture candidates throughout the pipeline.


Sync recruiting with employer branding.

Scholars bridges the gap between employer branding and recruiting teams. By quickening the content development process and aggregating data related to its use, you pinpoint which marketing materials (and which recruiters) most effectively move candidates down the funnel. 


Connect across every channel.

Applicants research your company outside your career page. Scholars allows you to easily request, develop, and approve audio files, video, blogs, and social posts to guide applicants throughout the candidate journey.


Collect insights on each applicant.

Gather metrics on top talent, understanding how candidates engage with your brand. Measure impressions and open rates for each piece of content, then integrate with your ATS to tag, filter, and sort candidates. 


Share top-performing content.

Build your employer branding library, storing assets in one centralized location. Share files with your recruiting team, allowing them to leverage the most up-to-date content to move candidates further along the pipeline. 

Build an employer branding strategy you can actually measure.