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What is Employee Generated Content?

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Employer Branding

Employee generated content has been booming right now. Is your company utilizing it? And, should they be? 

Employee Generated Content or EGC

Employee generated content is a content strategy where the content’s created by employees at the company. EGC is user-generated content (UGC) created by employees. It requires brand approval before being published on public platforms.

The most common types of content are photographs, video content, blogs, tweets, LinkedIn posts, and podcasts. The company will share content on on social media platforms, in blogs, and on the website. 

Employee content revolves around an existing employee experience working for the company. Current employees share their stories about working for a company, including personal testimonials and in-depth about the company culture. 

EGC is organized by the company, or organically, but with the company encouraging employees to create their own content on their social networks. When it is done by the company, the content strategy is planned out, including the initiatives, and formats, and reflects the overall brand messages in the employer brand content. 

EGC is so popular right now because many companies realized its high importance. 

Importance of Employee Generated Content 

Employee generated content gets a higher rate of engagement on social channels. The content has more shares and reaches the employee’s personal network. When EGC is shared, the consumers of the content are more likely to remember it.

Along with a higher engagement, there’s a higher level of trust from employee generated content. 92% of people trust content from friends, colleagues, and family over other brand messaging. EGC gives a face to the brand, making that brand less anonymous and unknown.

Employee generated content can increase employee engagement, company culture, and improve upon employer branding. It is a good idea to utilize employee stories in talent acquisition and recruitment marketing as well.

While EGC is a great tool, remember that it is something to supplement company culture and employer branding. It is not a complete strategy for either of those concepts. 

Tips for Success

EGC is not as complicated if the right tools are provided to the employees. 

Provide the Right Tools

Training sessions, and webinars are fantastic ways to begin teaching employees about employer generated content. But what’s even better, is outsourcing an employer branding and content creation team. With outsourcing, it puts little additional work on an employees task list and allows experts to create the content. 

Give Clear Guidelines

In order to imploy successful EGC, guidelines are necessary. Share the branding guidelines of the brand, language that is off limits, word counts, lengths, documents that can/cannot be shared, appropriate images and videos, along with boundaries not to cross.

These guidelines are absolutely necessary when it is organic EGC. 

Congregate Content with a Hashtag

Make employee generated content easy to find. Put it all in one place with a custom hashtag. 

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