Consistent Email Content to Keep Your Talent Network Engaged

Keep your talent network up to date with engaging email content on a regular basis. Studies show that if a Gen Z job seeker doesn’t hear from your company every 14 days they will move on to other opportunities.

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Establish a custom strategy that works for you

There should be more information shared via email  than just job updates. What messaging do you want to make sure your talent network sees? We’ll work with you to create an email strategy that aligns with your company’s goals. and put it into action.

Create email content for your review

Depending on the cadence of your email campaigns and the messaging that you wish to share, we’ll draft email copy on a monthly basis for your approval.

Schedule and send to your talent network

Schedule the finalized emails to be sent throughout the month. Sit back and relax knowing that your talent network is hearing from you on a consistent basis.

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