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How to Land an Internship with the Team at Echo Global Logistics

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Echo Global Logistics, Internships

As a college student, you’re expected to balance a lot, from keeping your GPA up to maintaining a social life. On top of that, you have the ultimate goal of finding a job once you graduate. One key way to accomplish this is to seek out an internship that will help you make connections, gain experience, and ultimately introduce you to a company where you can build a future.

Are you eager to jumpstart your career in a fast-paced and growing industry? Then an internship at Echo Global Logistics may be the perfect fit for you!

Read more to learn about their internships, what their recruiters are looking for, and what it’s like to work for Echo!

The Basics

Headquartered in Chicago with over 30 offices across the country, Echo Global Logistics is a top Fortune 1000 provider of technology-enabled transportation and supply chain management services. At Echo, their goal is to simplify transportation management. They help businesses that need to ship their products quickly, securely, and cost-effectively by matching each shipment with the ideal carrier in the optimal transportation mode. They have built solid partnerships with over 50,000 carriers, creating a robust network that allows them to move more than 16,000 shipments every single day for their more than 35,000 clients. 

Echo is a leader in the third-party logistics (3PL) industry. For the last four years in a row, Echo has been voted the #1 third-party logistics provider by readers of Inbound Logistics magazine for their prestigious Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards. In addition, this year marks the tenth consecutive year that Echo has been ranked in the top ten. 

For Echo’s summer internship program, they recruit across the country looking for driven and motivated students. From the Great Plains to the Crimson Tide, Echo hosts campus recruitment events every fall and spring to find the best and brightest young professionals to join their team of interns. 

Their internship program gives students the chance to see how the world of logistics works through mentorships, projects, and real-world situations. They offer internships in a variety of departments, including sales, operations, accounting, marketing, supply chain, software engineering, and more. The summer internship program typically lasts nine or ten weeks, depending on the internship location. Echo offers internships at their headquarters in Chicago as well as branch offices such as Dallas, Detroit, Sacramento, Scottsdale, Nashville, Kansas City, and Atlanta–just to name a few.

Echo’s University Recruitment Manager, Stephanie Wezelman, recently joined us on The Internship Show to talk about Echo’s summer internship program. At Echo, Stephanie works to recruit and retain top talent in the early career and internship space, and she leads their summer internship program. In the podcast, she describes what students can expect from Echo’s internships and provides tips on how students can land their own internship at Echo.

Echo’s Internship Experience

Through their summer internships, Echo offers interns the opportunity to learn while gaining professional experience. When starting a sales internship, new interns will receive two weeks of sales training that will help them hit the ground running. After this training, interns are on the floor with their teams, helping to grow the business by locking in deals and building their own book of business. In other departments, interns work on a summer-long project that they present to Echo’s senior leadership team at the end of their internship period.

As Stephanie mentions in the podcast, Echo offers a mentor program to their interns, where they get to work with and learn from Echo employees who are experts in their fields. The mentors are there to answer any questions interns have, guide them in the right direction, and help them build their network. Echo also offers a job shadow program that allows interns to shadow Echo employees in various departments across the company. This helps interns become more well-rounded as they gain an understanding of how different departments work together to ensure the success of the company as a whole. 

Echo has a “work hard, play hard” culture that emphasizes a strong work ethic but also promotes a fun atmosphere. They offer team outings and bonding experiences for all interns, such as volunteer opportunities, workout classes, picnics, sporting events, and more. 

With an internship at Echo, students learn real-world lessons they can take with them throughout their careers. In fact, past interns have said they’ve learned more in the amount of time they’ve spent at Echo than they did in their classrooms.

What Echo Is Looking For

For their internships, Echo is looking for individuals who have leadership skills and are highly involved, on and off campus. As Stephanie says in the podcast, Echo seeks interns who have an interest in the department and a willingness to learn and grow. To differentiate themselves, applicants are encouraged to reach out to an Echo recruiter after applying and explain why they are drawn to the position. Echo also encourages students to research the company and showcase an interest in the work they do. Students who put in this extra effort have a higher chance of booking an interview versus applicants who do not.

Application Process

To get started, make sure to visit Echo’s campus recruitment page on their website. There, you’ll be able to learn more about their internship opportunities and read testimonials from past interns. You can also view their upcoming recruitment events at college campuses across the nation to find an event near you. To apply to be an intern, visit Echo’s career page on their website to view open internship positions and fill out your application. You can also reach out to their recruiters through their LinkedIn.

Echo Is Excited to Hear from You
If you’re interested in Echo’s 2021 Summer Internship Program, make sure to check out Echo’s Handshake or Echo’s career webpage!

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