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8 Examples of Content Made for National Intern Day 2021

by | Nov 2, 2021 | Internships

National Intern Day is celebrated every year on the third Thursday in July. This holiday was crafted by WayUp in 2017 in order to celebrate the hard work that interns do! Not only does the holiday show appreciation, but it improves upon a companies employer branding. 

The holiday shows employee appreciation towards the specific group of employees who can tend to feel less appreciated. And interns experiences are so important! 

One way of showing appreciation is through posting content on social media! Many companies posted content that shared more about their interns and what great things they have been doing this summer and beyond!

1. DICK’S Sporting Goods

DICK’S Sporting Goods hosted all of their remote interns to the DICK’S Headquarters in Pittsburg, PA. Along the way, the interns and University Relations team snapped photos of their time together. 

2. Dell Technologies 

Dell Tech created a noteworthy video that showcased interns favorite parts about their internship, and what made it their #DellDreamJob. 

3. NBC Universal 

A different form of celebration, beyond a social media post. NBC Universal put all of their interns on the big screen! They showed off all their interns off in a segment on the Today Show on the morning of July 29th, 2021. 

4. Pinterest

Pinterest celebrated National (P)Intern Day! A few of their interns posted on their Instagram, along with a story takeover. 

5. IBM

This is not an employer generated piece of content, but employee generated content. IBM had a fantastic senior-level employee, Obed Louissaint, share his journey of himself as an intern, to him now!

6. Western Union

Western Union created a video of intern testimonials about why different interns joined, how the WU internship prepared them to join the workforce, and how their expectations lived up to their experiences. 

8. ServiceNow

ServiceNow created videos compiling videos of interns with a custom hashtag, #InternsAtNow. Each intern shared a sentence or two about their experience. 

Overall, companies should both celebrate the event to recognize the impact that interns make on their company, but it is a great boost for employer branding!

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