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8 Content Ideas for Your Careers Blog

by | Oct 12, 2020 | Recruitment Marketing

A careers blog is the finishing touch that separates good careers websites from great ones. However, many companies still don’t have a blog on their career sites. If you’re one of these companies, you are missing out on a huge opportunity for employer branding

Your blog is the centerpiece of your employer brand. This is your central base for all content that you can point people back to any time they have questions about your company. Think about it like a custom Wikipedia where all of the pages showcase your company, the knowledge you possess, and the resources you’d like to share. It’s the perfect place for Gen Z job seekers to start forming opinions about your company and the potential of working for you.

In an effort to help out, our team at Scholars has put together a list of 8 blog ideas for your company’s career blog. Whether you’re just starting your company’s career blog or you’re looking for ideas to refresh your existing one, these examples will inspire you and spark your creativity!

Day In The Life

Write a post in which your existing employees walk the reader through their usual daily schedule. Get four or five of your employees to send you their schedules on a typical day at the office. This is a great way to give interested candidates a sneak peek into how working at your company looks like and what to expect on a daily basis.

Career Path Stories

Talk to a few of your employees and ask them how they ended up at your company. Telling their career path story will shed light into what a Gen Z job seeker needs to do to not only land a job with you but move up the ladder once they are there. This way, you will show potential candidates that your company is a place where they can advance their career and move up in your company’s hierarchy.

Interview & Resume Tips

Offer interesting and useful career tips to your potential candidates. This content doesn’t need to be focused on your company. I repeat, this content does NOT need to be focussed on your company. Building an employer brand is just like building a consumer brand and you don’t want to be the company that’s always screaming about how great you are. Provide valuable advice and a Gen Z job seeker will view your company in a good light.

Employee Resource Groups

Highlight the different internal groups that your company has. These resource groups are a huge part of your company’s culture. They are also a great way for new employees to feel comfortable. Give potential candidates a look into all of the potential possibilities by showcasing each employee resource group that’s available.

Employee Spotlights

Highlight different employees within the company and have them share their stories. This makes your company more personable and gives job seekers insight into who they may be sitting next to if they are hired.

Awards Spotlights

If your company has won any kind of the “Best Employer” or “Best Places to Work” awards, proudly announce it on your company’s career blog! If not, think about making a news out of your perfect Glassdoor reviews. Whatever it may be, this credibility goes a long way in attracting a Gen Z job seeker.

Company Culture Interviews

Showcasing your company culture on your career blog is a must but make sure to do it in a creative way. Instead of just asking employees to describe the culture at your company, ask them questions like, “What do you do a Wednesday afternoon when you don’t have any meetings?” These answers will give Gen Z job seekers insight into your culture without you having to blatantly write about it.

Innovative Projects You’re Working On

Write about a cool project your employees are working on. Highlight the latest technology they are using. And most importantly, bring your company’s professionals into the spotlight! Getting a young job seeker excited about what they have the chance to work on is crucial to your employer brand. These 18-26 year olds care more about the job description and salary. They want to see how they can make an impact on your business.

Getting Started with Content Creation

So you’ve come up with all of these amazing articles that you’re going to write. Now what? Executing on content creation can be daunting and posting on your blog alone may not be enough. You’ll need to establish a content strategy that stems from your blog post into numerous social media channels. Unfortunately, doing this one or two times won’t do much either. Writing and creating content has to become a weekly task that your team is taking care of. There are thousands of amazing companies in this country but most job seekers have only heard of a handful of them. Building a brand isn’t easy and that’s why the same top companies continue to attract the best talent. Start investing in your employer brand now and trust that over time you will see the ROI.

Did you know that you can turn one blog post into 37 other pieces of content? That’s where Scholars comes into play. Our all-star branding team can manage your entire employer branding strategy from content creation through execution. Schedule a time to learn more here.

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About Scholars

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