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How to Land an Internship at Cardinal Health and What it’s Like to Work There

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Cardinal Health, Internships

Welcome to the college menu, where you have no choice but to order piles of homework, tests to study for, friendships to maintain, and a future professional career to lock down. But that’s not it. With this future in mind, you must build your resume, make connections, and create valuable experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Sounds like a lot, right? Fortunately for you, Scholars and The Internship Show, have made this construction project a little bit easier for you! 

If you’re looking for a career in the healthcare field, a Cardinal Health internship is the place to start!

Keep reading to learn more about the business behind Cardinal Health’s application process, insider tips to land this intern position, and what it’s really like to work at this Fortune 500 company! 

Let’s get down to the basics!

Based out of Dublin, Ohio, with 50,000 employees, Cardinal Health is the backstage crew behind the curtain of healthcare. The Fortune 16 company is a healthcare products and solutions organization. They aim to provide for hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies, with a wide range of medical products and pharmaceuticals. In addition to distribution and providing, Cardinal Health offers business solutions that help healthcare providers enhance their own practices in a variety of different ways. Taking up about 90% of the hospitals in America, Cardinal Health is able to decrease time spent on finding providers of supplies for medical professionals in order to focus on the patients. Cardinal Health offers a wide range of intern positions like marketing, analytics, and supply chain/operations!

The company’s summer internship program is a ten-week program all based at their headquarters, Dublin, Ohio. 

On our podcast, we spoke with Sarah Gergely to explore what it’s like to work there, what recruiters are looking for, and how to successfully apply to their internship program. Sarah is one of Cardinal Health’s recruiters on their College Relations Team. This team is responsible for the coordination and facilitation of the Cardinal Health’s Summer Internship Program. Sarah loves to make connections with students and assisting them in their career journey. Sarah was able to give us first-hand insight into what it’s really like to intern at Cardinal Health, and here’s what she had to say!

The application process

First things first, to start the application process, hop over to Cardinal Health’s official website and check out their career page. You can also find these opportunities on LinkedIn. 

The application process for this ten-week program is very straightforward with filling out your education background, work experience, etc. Qualified applicants are full-time students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the corresponding department you are applying for. 

After applying, the next step is interviewing. For Cardinal Health, besides having a great resume, the interview is very important. This interview is meant to be a two-way conversation, strongly encouraging any questions. Along with a curious mindset, the company is looking for those who exemplify passions and a driven mission for the healthcare industry. 

Applying for an internship can be hard, stressful, complicated, and all the above. But no worries, we are here to give you insider tips into what Cardinal Health is looking for so you can have the best chance at landing this internship!

What Cardinal Health is looking for

At Cardinal Health, they are looking for interns who match their mission and culture. With a diversity in their passions and missions, the company has been able to create a collaborative and an inclusive culture. Overall, everyone at Cardinal Health is driven to help, and that is who they are looking for. 

Applicants should represent the same values Cardinal Health has; inclusive, mission-driven, and passionate about the healthcare industry. As mentioned above, if you land an interview, the company encourages questions and strives for a casual conversation in order to explore who these potential interns are. Most importantly, be yourself! As Sarah stated, “don’t be a cookie cutter robot during your interviews, kind of let loose and just be yourself.”

What it’s like to intern at Cardinal Health

Although this program is only ten weeks, interns at Cardinal Health can expect to feel like a real employee. No errand running or coffee orders, but truly becoming a part of the impact and difference Cardinal Health makes on the healthcare industry today. This program is designed to have interns leave the internship at the end of the program feeling like they left a positive mark on what Cardinal Health does.

At the beginning of this program, each intern is set up with a mentor, developing three to five goals you would like to achieve at your time at Cardinal Health. These goals can be professional, social, or scholarly. Interns meet with their mentor weekly or bi-weekly, checking in on everything. This mentor is meant to offer guidance and advice. For example, you are more than welcome to ask your mentor for feedback on your assigned projects before presenting to your management team.

In addition to mentors, you will be a part of a team in order to build comradery, which is highly important at Cardinal Health. Not to mention, you will be able to network and build great connections with your team.  

With working on projects and meeting with mentors, interns are expected to work 40 hours a week. 35 of those hours will be spent doing team jobs and 5 hours are spent on programming activities. As mentioned before, comradery is very important to Cardinal Health with community service and team building activities.

Last but not least, Cardinal Health offers an executive speaker series once a week during the internship program. Every week, a panel of executives will come in giving useful advice, going through their day, and a lot more! At the end of this, the floor is open for a Q&A, allowing interns to ask anything they want!

Cardinal Health strives to provide their interns with a positive experience that include a new network and development of new professional skills. The company works towards working their interns to a place where they are able to evaluate you and consider you to be a great full-time employee!

Landing the Internship

Here at Scholars, we’re here to help you throughout the internship journey from application process to landing the position. Sign up on our website, create a profile, and start connecting with your potential future now! For additional insider tips, make sure to check out our blog. 
You can also tune in on our podcast, The Internship Show to listen in to what companies like Echo Global, Shopify, and Salesforce are looking for in their next interns. We’re here to set you up for success from engineering to marketing, we got you covered.

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