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Top 5 Scholars Blog Posts Gen Z was Reading in September

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Student Life

Fall recruitment is in full swing, and Gen Z is being recruited for the top summer internship programs. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what Gen Z is interested in career-wise right now.

1. How to Cold Email for an Internship

Gen Z knows what they want. Therefore, Gen Z knows which companies they want to work at. So, they are willing to cold email to inquire further on job openings. 

2. Riot Games Internship

Like we said, Gen Z knows that companies they want to work at. Riot Games, a top gaming firm, is a company that Gen Z wants to work for. 

3. Determining the Length of Your Internship Program

Gen Z is interested in all things internships. This article goes into the reasoning of different internship lengths. This information can be used to decided what internship is best for a student!

4. A Quick and Easy Guide to the 7 Types of Internships

More research on internships! It is important for students to understand what the types of internships there are, in order to get the most out of their internship experience. 

5. Spring Internships

Gen Z plans ahead! So that’s why they are already looking ahead to Spring 2022 internships by doing their research. 

About Scholars

Scholars helps companies build engaging candidate experiences at scale. Create personalized journeys for all of your candidates from application through onboarding.

About Scholars

Internships and early-career jobs are unlike any others. They are often accepted months, if not years, in advance of the start date leaving plenty of time for candidates to change their minds and decide to work elsewhere, costing your team time and money.

There are two ways that have been proven to decrease renege rates for any company: keeping candidates engaged by sharing personalized information and helping them make connections with their future teammates. Companies use Scholars to accomplish both of these at scale.