8 Tasks to Give Your Marketing Intern

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Business, Internships, Recruiting

Internships are an important part of today’s marketing teams. They provide recent college graduates a chance to gain experience, while employers get a chance to select from the cream of the crop, see how a potential employee will fare in a real-life setting, and even create a pool of interns to pull from in the future. Interns are fresh, energetic, and willing to learn, which could positively impact your company’s culture. However, the key to a successful marketing internship is to make sure their time spent remains a win-win situation for everyone. A marketing intern job description typically includes a number of tasks for your daily to-do list that you save for last— you know, those nitty-gritty, but very necessary assignments that are vital to the company but time-consuming for you.  This is where your intern comes in. 

Here are 8 tasks to give your marketing intern that will provide challenging learning experiences, make sure your marketing intern’s time is well-spent and save you a lot of headaches. 


Before your intern can dive into larger projects, they first need to develop a sense of your company’s mission and values.  A great way to do this is through assigning research based tasks that allows the intern to view your company and your competition through your customer’s eyes.  Have them collect and analyze data about the customer experience, and the topics that are important to your company. Other common tasks in this area could be conducting interviews with consumers and focus groups, or compiling data through the use of surveys or questionnaires. A research project is also a great self-starting tool that allows your intern to dive right in, giving them a sense of ownership and accomplishment up front.

Keyword development 

A task you should definitely add to your marketing intern job description is keyword development. Have them create a top 100 list of keyword combinations which you can use to prioritize your marketing content. This will teach them how to find interesting discussions your company can participate in for networking purposes, and introduce them to the topics that drive your specific company’s content. Your intern will need to be a pro at SEO to be successful as visibility is truly the heart of marketing.  This will also provide them with topics to pitch if you ask them to manage the company blog. 


Once your intern has established a keywords list, have them write a blog about one of the topics.  Writing blog posts will cover many bases. It can generate more traffic for the company’s website, while also allowing your intern to have a measurable product they can take ownership of or save to a portfolio for future job opportunities. Blogging will also challenge your intern to form a concise narrative of their understanding of their keyword research and your company. Tracking their blog hits will help them gain experience with SEO analytics to create even more content for your website. This is definitely a win-win task. 

Weekly newsletters

Like blogging, email marketing to vital to business success. But creating emails can often be time consuming to construct. Newsletters can be a collection of blogs your intern created, interesting third-party content that’s relevant to your company, or customer stories.  It can be internal, or part of your outbound weekly communication to your customer base. Have your intern be responsible for this task. It will allow them to build on relevant, timely content and get their work in front of the larger team on a weekly basis. 

Google Analytics

Another task we suggest adding to your marketing intern job description is experience with Google Analytics. As a successful marketer, you know that utilizing this data helps understand your audience better. There is a wealth of information hidden in the analytics data, and knowing how to interpret that to enhance your marketing strategy is a priceless skill. Suggest that your marketing intern become certified in analytics so they can help your team analyze as much of this vital data as possible. 

Graphic Design 

Visual content is more important than ever in today’s saturated world of information.  To spice up the content, a successful marketer will need to have some understanding of how to apply graphics. This is where your intern comes in. Most marketing intern job descriptions state that experience with graphic design a must. Make sure you intern is familiar with basic design knowledge for creating websites, infographics, social media posts and other visual content. 

Audience Engagement 

While social media is important, it can be tough to prioritize networking within your busy day. Give your intern access to your company’s social media accounts and schedule time you want them to engage with your audience throughout the day. Have them comment on relevant posts, share third party resources, create Instagram stories to promote more engagement and manage the comments on your own profiles. This will show your brand’s authenticity, while giving your intern professional social media experience. 

Administrative Tasks 

It’s not uncommon for a marketing intern to provide administrative support to the marketing team. While these jobs might not be as glamorous or exciting as blogging and graphic design, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks such as data entry, preparing marketing materials, maintaining the company’s website or building project databases. These are necessary to your company’s success and will also provide your inexperienced candidate to basic principles of marketing and gives them a better understanding of how data are collected.