Stay connected with each candidate — from offer letter to onboarding

Scholars decreases post-offer turnover by building a personal connection between your company and each new hire. Through your post-offer portal, you send tailored content which builds loyalty with new team members and prepares them for their first day.

64% of students state they would back out on an offer if approached with another opportunity

This doubles the cost of hiring a candidate, with $4,000 dedicated to recruiting your original hire and another $4,000 spent finding their replacement. Scholars boosts post-offer engagement by automatically sharing personalized content with each candidate — even after an offer has been made. The result? You retain your first-choice candidates, and new team members keep their intention of launching their career with your company. 

Build a post-offer journey for each hire. 


Build a community for new team members.

There’s often weeks — if not months — between an offer and a candidate’s first day on the job. Prevent lags in communication and first-day mishaps by creating automated workflows for each candidate, guiding them toward their first day.


Decrease onboarding costs.

Allow each department to share personalized content with each new team member through the candidate portal. Each new hire receives a custom URL, allowing them to schedule coffee meetings, meet their team, or browse content tailored to their role, seniority level, or unique skill set.


Decrease post-offer turnover.

Track engagement metrics on a candidate-by-candidate basis, predicting which hires are at risk of reneging on their offer. Alert your hiring manager of disengaged candidates, giving you the opportunity to prevent post-offer churn before it happens.

Become an early-career expert.

How the Pandemic Changed Gen Z Job Recruiting

How the Pandemic Changed Gen Z Job Recruiting

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Recruiting doesn’t end with an offer — ensure each candidate sticks with you through their first day.

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