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The way companies recruit early-career talent has changed: virtual recruitment has disrupted the industry, making it increasingly more difficult to engage and retain talent. Building relationships and establishing company loyalty remains challenging and the strategies used pre-pandemic are no longer as effective. 


of early-career job seekers would renege on an accepted offer.  

7 months

what the average graduate believes to be a “sweet spot” for their first job.


of new hires prefer more clarity around expectations and performance metrics.

Eliminate the guesswork from your process.

Implement your keep-warm strategy at scale by ensuring each recipient is receiving relevant information and has a way to connect with their future teammates. Get notified when recipients are trending towards reneging or leaving your company.

🤩 Personalize Journeys

Enroll recipients in journeys and share relevant information, resources, and action items based on their role, location, etc.

🤝 Facilitate Connections

Ensure each recipient has a way to connect with one another, mentors, and current employees.

🔮 Predict Reneges

We track thousands of data points to proactively notify you when a candidate is at risk of reneging.

“Scholars provides a solution that allows us to better connect with the GenZ generation of talent in a way that is engaging to them. It offers a way for Anthem [now Elevance Health] to enhance our brand and coin ourselves as an employer of choice for college students and graduates. Working with Scholars is an easy and seamless experience.”

Brooke Smith

University Relations Manager, Elevance Health


Become an expert in retaining early-career talent.

See how this Fortune 500 company plans their retention strategy

Download this interactive Excel template and model your renege prevention plan after one of the most successful companies in the world.

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Build the ideal post-offer journey for your interns and incoming hires

Download the free toolkit to understand the components of an ideal post-offer journey. Plus, get access to a checklist to track candidate engagement analytics.

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See how this Inc 5,000 company plans their intern-to-FTE conversion strategy

Use this interactive Excel template created by one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. and take your intern-to-FTE conversion strategy to the next level.

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The only platform built for engaging early-career talent.

Scholars helps communicate and engage with talent over extended periods of time. The potential is endless: establish a more informative interview process, keep post-offer candidates engaged, build rapport between mentors and mentees, and more. With Scholars, you’ll gain sophisticated insights that go well beyond email metrics. Understand what content resonates best and predict which candidates are at risk of churn.  

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